1000-Lb best friend Vanessa Cross pink hair makeover photo

Now that 1000-Lb Best Friend Star Vanessa Cross Below 400 pounds after her incredible weight loss conversion, the reality star is feeling herself! She’s got a bright pink hair makeover and is liking it perfectly.

Vanessa debuted the first look on April 6 in an Instagram selfie where she wrote in the caption, “I changed my hair what do you think ??” Her shadow at the time was a deep magenta that has since faded to a bubblegum pink hue.

Fans of the reality star had mixed reviews about her hair changes. Many of her followers told Vanessa they “loved” the pink hair, with one user commenting, “The girl … it looks great … keep expressing your beauty!” However, others prefer her natural blonde tresses. “Nice, but I like blonde on you,” one wrote, another added, “I like it, but I like blonde better. You do it, girl.”

Despite fans praising her for her natural hair color, Vanessa was not ready to change it. In an April 13 photo where she visited her doctor’s office, the TLC personality poses with a group of nurses when her hair appears to have faded to a lighter, more bubblegum pink look within a week.

Vanessa and her medical professional friends looked very happy in the photo, posing together where they were all smiling. “I love my nurses. They’re my biggest fans, “he jerked the caption. The color was the same in an April 19 Instagram video where a smiling Vanessa kissed on camera and wrote next to it,” I love you all. “

Nurses in Snapshot were part of Vanessa’s weight loss journey, as documented 1000-Lb Best Friend. Georgia’s mother has struggled to get under 400 pounds and try to be a worthy candidate for bariatric surgery, and has faced numerous dangers.

His visit to the show’s weight loss surgeon, Dr. Charles Proctor, Was full of excitement, as he would lose weight and get closer to his sub-400-pound goal, just to get it back. His mission was finally completed on March 21, 2022 in the episode episode, where he weighed 398 pounds.

“It’s a change I’ve had in my life for so many years,” he said, turning to Dr. Proctor. Vanessa then revealed in a confession, “I was working for it. Every struggle, not every time, every time I cried, that’s why. That’s why I did it: to reach this moment.

Scroll down to see photos of Vanessa stylish pink hair color.

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