There is a terrible rise of young influentials who adopt less cosmetic methods in exchange for publicity. And the results do not support the change of co-adolescents or younger only in their teens and early 20s. Once they get a taste of the cheap method, the influencers can’t stop, giving birth to a new form of body dysmorphia brought on by availability. And the root of this sad trend is the transfer of cash to an industry that is already out of control. NBC News has its depth and a part of it is here.

From Botox to breast implants, medical providers have turned to social media for a new kind of personalized advertising that comes directly from the influencers. And in the growing industry of cosmetic providers, there are very few or no rules for advertising body changes, which opens the door for teens to offer free, unlimited cosmetic procedures.

NBC News spoke to 12 social media personalities with less than 100,000 followers and more than 10 million followers who described in detail how they feel pressured to look perfect in real life and online. This led them to get cosmetic procedures from young manufacturers in their teens and early 20’s, ranging from lip filler injections to plastic surgery – many of which they received at discounted rates. Many have regretted some of their approach. Six of them described the feeling of being addicted to body changes.

“If you have an iPhone, it affects you,” said Sebastian Bellis, a tickling star with 12.8 million followers. She said she received her first cosmetic procedure, lip filler injection, at the age of 18.

“I made my lips, not because I was insecure, but because I was offered free lip service,” he said. “Who’s not going to say free lips?”

[From NBC News via Yahoo!]

I must say no to free lips – and I have thin lips. The only thing I ever wanted to change was my nose, but I didn’t know I would do it if offered. Would I have accepted all this nonsense at the age of 18? Yes, hell. Because at a certain age, a person likes to change something because * they * have never been happy about it. But the message that these young people need to hear is this Someone else They are not happy with their features so they are being given whatever method they * need *. The people quoted in the article admit that they like attention, which is evident from their huge following. And to accomplish this task they are given it. Sebastian Bailes, quoted above, has seen it “Like and View and Share” That’s because if you go up with each approach and just keep getting more work. At one point, he said he had about 20 syringes in his mouth every time he went to the doctor.

But there are age restrictions, so how is it happening? Only board-certified plastic surgeons are reviewed, but Med Spa does not, and they do most of the work.

According to 2020 data collected from a pool of American Society of Plastic Surgeons board-certified surgeons, people aged 20 to 29 receive 3 percent of the total filler procedure and only 1 percent of the total Botox procedure. According to the same data, adolescents make even lower percentages.

But that’s not responsible for data-driven spaghetti, an industry worth 8 4.8 billion in 2021, which is loosely regulated. Spaghetti has become a popular destination for common methods such as Botox and fillers.

I appreciate the few people quoted in the article who have come clean. But almost everyone involved is doing great CYA. TikTok says they will not blame because they do not allow unethical sponsored advertising. So influencers “scream” and tag businesses instead. This is a simple solution that everyone knows. Influential people say they will not blame because they have made it very clear that they are doing these things only for themselves and will not impose them on anyone else. They are influential only because what they post affects their followers, they know. The following board businesses do not try to excuse themselves while the board certified businesses say they advise their patients before completing the procedures. I didn’t buy it. At age 36, I was “counseled” out of a procedure. If they honestly think that the patient should not do it, then these numbers will not be among these young people. This is all scary. I need to re-examine all my kids’ social media to see who they are looking at.

This influencer quoted in the article is 19 years old:

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This story was published a few days ago but I still wanted to talk about it. First, Sharon Osborne is a terrific F-Iing man on many levels. All I know is that if it weren’t for the racist A-hole like Sharon, I’d be sympathetic to someone who got a grueling facelift. Although it did happen to her, * Shrug Emoji * was a textbook case of Karen Hunting while she was on The Talk if you weren’t familiar with Sharon. She talked to her black colleagues when they tried to talk to her gently about racism, cried in white tears and was eventually fired, earning lotto money for being a POS. He has done much more terrible in support of BFF Pierce Morgan’s racist opposition targeting Duchess Megan, and she has been a victim for years. So when he says that his most recent facelift in October, I believe it was his fifth because I remember his fourth covered, badly deprived and made him look like a cyclop – I’m not going to rejoice in his pain but I will Doesn’t feel bad. He had complications from the fourth.

Sharon Osborne revealed that she had a facelift last fall, but plastic surgery did not leave her feeling like she had found the fountain of youth.

“I had a complete facelift in October and I looked like one of the F-King mummies they’ve wrapped up. [with bandages]”Osborne, 69, told the Sunday Times in London …” It hit like hell. You have no idea. “

“I tell you, it was terrible. [To the surgeon] I mean, like, ‘You have to have fun.’ One eye was different from the other. I looked like King Cyclops. I, for example, ‘All I need is a hump.’

He added that Ozzy Osbourne, whom he married in 1982, had confirmed that it did not look good. “He said, ‘I don’t care how much it costs, we’ll rebuild it,'” he recalls.

However, Sharon – who shares the kids with Aimee, 38, Kelly, 37, and Jack, 36, Ozzy – said her face was “fixed now” and she liked her new look.

[From US Magazine]

Should facelifts stop at a number one? I think two are right. As you get your first one, you let it last for a decade or more and then you get another one as a refresher. Three are much more and four or five are facing disaster. Although the first or second facelift may be incorrect, you may need multiple surgeries to correct it. I’m not going to age very nicely, I’m struggling with it and I can get a lift or injection at some point. If I do, I hope I know when to call it, although the results are somewhat uncomfortable. Sharon’s life is marked by many bad decisions that show she doesn’t know when to call it, the main one being her marriage to Ozzy.

Unfortunately Ozzy now has Kovid. He was vaccinated for the first time in February 2021, so I assume he is completely vaccinated and hopefully he has at least one booster. Sharon has revealed Oz’s diagnosis in The Talk UK, where he is now working. Tell me again, to cancel the culture for those who refuse to learn.

I’m only posting it because it looks dynamic and it’s captioned so you don’t have to listen to it She looks like a madam doll while walking.

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James Corden decides the role of his host The Late Late Show It will end soon. It’s amazing, isn’t it? The cordon has actually become a deep night installation in seven years. She debuted as the host of The Late Late Show in March 2015. He will finish this gig in the spring of 2023. CBS was desperate to keep him – when Corden was seen by the TV intellectual-commentary community as generally unhealthy and annoying, Corden revived. The Late Late Show And understand the value of creating easily digestible viral clips for YouTube He was originally hugely profitable for CBS. The story of this period was interesting:

James Corden is getting ready to say goodbye to The Late Late Show. Brit has extended his contract for the CBS Late-Night series for one year and will leave before the summer of 2023. Corden will host The Late Late Show for eight and a half years until his departure – a big achievement.

“It’s a really tough decision to leave because I’m so proud of the show,” Corden told Deadline. “I am just happy to be out [for a year]. I always thought I’d do it for five years and then leave, and then I stayed. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, wondering if it could be another adventure. “

He revived the 12:30 am time slot on CBS and breathed new life into the night through viral episodes such as Carpool Karaoke, Drop the Mike, Spill Your Got and Crosswalk Musical. In fact, Cordon’s carpool karaoke with Adele has been viewed more than 250M times on YouTube, while her journey with One Direction has been viewed 189M times. The Late Late Show YouTube page itself received nearly 10b views and has over 27 million subscribers, the second highest in the deep night.

CBS chiefs – President and CEO George Chicks, CBS Entertainment President Kelly Cahill, SEVP Programming Thom Sherman, CBS Studio boss David Staff and Nick Bernstein, SVP, Late-Night Programming, West Coast – were all interested in Corden. A contract with a three-year extension, a two-year extension and a rolling one-year contract before his decision. “My sitting here at CBS was incredibly helpful and extraordinarily patient when I made this decision,” Corden added.

There has been a lot of speculation over the last few years about whether Corden will return to the UK after leaving The Late Show. But Corden told the deadline that he and his family “really don’t know the answer. It’s something we think and we talk a lot about, but we still haven’t really made a decision about it. The life aspect of the thing that we’ll find out. I’m here.” I love to live. I love everything it has to offer. My family and I have never taken on this incredible adventure. Every day I go down to work from Sunset and I think I came from High Wycombe. “

[From Deadline]

It looks like CBS was fully prepared to pay Corden for any deal and any amount of money to keep it afloat. I remember there was a rumor for a while that CBS wanted to switch around to late night hosts and keep Corden as the host of The Late Show instead of Stephen Colbert. The deadline also mentions that Corden, unlike most late-night hosts, has ten more careers and lots of career opportunities with its various side-gigs. He continued to perform throughout his late night work, getting one-on-one work, such as “Friends Reunion Hosting” and was a partner in a large production company, Fullwell 73. Corden also told Deadline that he was ready to explore something else, like writing and getting out of his comfort zone. It hurts me that Corden could burn out a bit? I suspect there is a big scandal behind this.

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The Invictus Games have been a full week, and Salt Island is still rocking, muttering, in their padded cell. “But Prince Harry’s interview today, but his interview !!” As I said last week, I was surprised that Harry gave so much news in the interview, ranging from his comments about “making sure the Queen is safe” to his refusal to comment on his father and brother, his apparent hesitation about participation. Platinum Jubilee It was a good interview and he was able to create news on a personal level and highlight games and draw more attention to Invictus. But, you know, a week later and the Salt Island commentators are still trying to make the Today interview the most scandalous thing that ever happened to the royal family.

In a recent U.S. TV interview, Prince Harry’s suggestion that he has a ‘really special relationship’ with his grandmother could prove detrimental to helping heal the rift between the Duke of Sussex and the royal family, a royal expert has claimed.

Speaking on the latest episode of True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, commentator Roya Nikah described Harry’s confession that he still has a close relationship with the 96-year-old queen, although the possibility of her controversial move to California in 2020 could be “stimulating” and for the rest of her family. Triggering ‘- those who are’ always there for the queen ‘.

Royal expert Nikkah told The Royal Beat’s host Kate Thornton: “This comment was very encouraging for the rest of her family, who are always around the Queen and I’m sure the Queen trusts her a lot.”

He added: ‘There is no doubt that these two [the Queen and Prince Harry] Have an incredibly special, intimate relationship. But I think I want to tell an American network that these comments are going to go around the world and come back to your family, that Queen Harry said something that she felt she could not tell any other member of her family to see her. Much more regular – it just feels pretty irritating. ‘

[From The Daily Mail]

“Incendiary,” my lord. The hyperbole does not fail to surprise me when these commentators discuss Sussex. It could not be that Harry’s interview was “interesting” or “newsworthy” or “glamorous and professional”. It must be arsonist, it must be a bomb exploding in the heart of the monarchy, it must always be the most significant breach of trust. So why are they really crazy? I still think it’s because Harry hinted that the Queen has very few people around her. Hundreds of people around the queen are leaking the same people to Roya Nikah and the rest of them.

Images courtesy of Backgrid, Instar and the ‘Today’ screencap.

Prince Harry became BetterUp’s Chief Impact Officer in late 2020. The job was announced a few months later, and since then, BetterUp’s profile has grown worldwide. BetterUp, a private coaching company, has secured billions upon billions of investments and has expanded widely across North America and Europe. Various corporations have already hired BetterUp for their staff and executives, and BetterUp has recently partnered with Invictus Games through Harry. But that’s not all the sunshine and roses – obviously, BetterUp executives started with how to pay their independent contractor coaches, and there was a coach revolt. BetterUp has already begun to recover payroll changes, but that hasn’t stopped the Daily Beast and other media outlets from crying out about how “Harry’s Company” is in deep trouble.

Prince Harry signed on as BetterUp’s chief impact officer last spring, pledging to help the startup’s “mental well-being” and its more than 2,000 professional trainers promote the Army’s mission. This is probably a lucrative gig for the British royal family: BetterUp raised $ 300 million in October, valued at $ 4.7 billion. But just six months later, BetterUp’s recent announcement sparked a revolt among the company’s career coaches that it would revise their contracts যার resulting in those advisers saying a secret pay cut had been effectively cut-according to six coaches who spoke to the Daily Beast.

“Many of us are upset now,” said a coach whose effective salary would be reduced by about a third, to discuss private companies on condition of anonymity. “I would say my heart is broken. And I think morality is really in question. “

Two key issues were at the center of the still-evolving controversy: coaches’ salaries and a new rating system that would also affect their fines. The company has announced a plan to cut a stipend coach used for taking notes, allocating research and activities to clients. The firm’s new metrics, meanwhile, have partially assessed trainers based on how a client has found their “life-changing” guidelines and how often they’ve met for the session. These changes, in particular, have raised concerns about the concern that they would violate industry rules and panders to their clients instead of giving coaches a neutral response.

“[If] I am training a member, I do not want to focus on how they will evaluate me, ”said another Bettup contractor. “From an ethical standpoint … we’re there to train clients, not to press their ‘like’ button.”

Now, amid internal turmoil, BetterUp says it is working to revise its original plans – although details are still unclear. The agency has scheduled several town halls for this week and has promised to return to at least some changes. “No one will see a reduction in their effective session rate compared to their 2021 effective session rate,” a BetterUp executive wrote to coaches on Tuesday, after the Daily Beast commented. The note opens up the possibility of adjusting contracts in 2023, saying, “We are on a journey of many years, and we will consider this first year as a time of learning.”

The agency, which declined to comment, appears to have eased at least some coaches with its latest update. “I’m relieved, but I’m not satisfied,” one coach said in response to an email. “It simply came to our notice then [BetterUp] Rotating their initial plan at all makes me doubt their motives, and makes me distrust them. It was humiliating and insulting to pressure them not to cut our wages – it made me feel bad. ”

[From The Daily Beast]

The rest of the article is just anonymous coaches complaining about changes that are already going back. Apparently, the executives have already apologized personally to the coaches via webinar, and BetterUp is making all the right noise about bringing back the changes and listening to their independent contractors. I mean, coaches can’t be united … because they are independent contractors. Don’t get me wrong, I think there are real problems and it wouldn’t surprise me if BetterUp gets too big too fast and it certainly sounds like there are some management issues. But as far as corporate responsiveness is concerned, BetterUp sounds pretty responsive. They seem to have acknowledged it, and are telling people how they worked and what they can do to fix it. It has little to do with Prince Harry, but of course Harry’s CIO position makes it a “royal story.” The only mention of Harry in this Daily Beast from the coaches is that they are concerned that BetterUp has hired a lot more executives in recent years, and there are questions about how “meaningful” Harry’s role is (from the coach) all “smoke and mirrors.”

Photos courtesy of BetterUp, Instar.

The British Foreign Office, the Royal Palace and the Commonwealth countries need to combine resources to ensure that the “royal tour” goes well, just to make the visit so offensive, think about what countries want to get out of the Commonwealth. . In addition, when the Earl and the Countess of Wessex are sent on tour, they do not really pay attention to the countries they visit. Sophie and Edward are not paying for the “tour” they sent for the trip. They are too annoying to be members of an attractive royal family and too toned to be effective soft-diplomats. And worst of all, the goal of Wessex’s Caribbean tour was simply to “do no harm.” They are not expected to achieve anything beyond “being neutral”. They could not do that. So this Wessex Caribbean adventure is probably the last one of its kind.

Prince Edward’s royal visit to the Caribbean will be among the last to be preached by the preachers as their visit is marked by anti-colonial protests and calls for compensation for slavery. Earl of Wessex and his wife Sophie began a week-long tour of Antigua and Barbuda, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and St. Lucia last Friday to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

As the tour progressed, evangelists at three destinations along the route called for compensatory justice – from open letters demanding compensation to full-fledged monarchical objections on the streets. Towards the end of the tour, more countries in the Caribbean hinted at future aspirations to divorce the British monarchy – such as Antigua and Barbuda and St. Kitts and Nevis – just as Jamaica and Belize did, after cursed visits by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Recent weeks

In response to Wessex’s visit, Philip Murphy, author of The Empire’s New Clothes: The Myth of the Commonwealth, said: This could now be the pattern of royal visits to the region and I hope they will be Peter out; 2022 seems to be an important year.

On Wednesday, Edward and Sophie met with a group of protesters before a trip to a cocoa garden in St. Lucia, where people held banners reading “Return with revenge” and “Queen sorry” while playing drums and chanting mantras. A while ago, Earl Black joked with a street sweeper standing in front of a small crowd of black people and pretending to move the broom, saying, “I hope you’ll fix this place.” This comment has been criticized as another “tone-deaf” gaff.

[From The Independent]

CB and others have asked if the Royals have always been so bad at traveling, or if the world has changed. I think it’s both – the Royals have always been awesome on the go and there’s always negligence and racist comments and bad images, but before the proliferation of social media, Gaffs didn’t become an international story for the most part. The Gaffs were regarded as spicy anecdotes for royal biographies rather than “another example of royal colonial oppression”. Now, do I believe that this kind of royal-tour is over? I don’t know if Charles is going to Canada in a few weeks and I think the Jubilee Tour will be over. But members of the royal family are itching to move around during the epidemic. They actually want to go on tour and make asses out of themselves, they are desperate to see! Which makes it even more fun.

Photo courtesy of Instar.

Pictures may be deleted

Family handout

Felicia Johnson’s father, a Houston strip attorney, has denied allegations that he applied for a job at the club on the night of his disappearance.

Kevin Johnson says his daughter went missing a few days after a trip from California to Houston on April 13 to apply for a job at the Cover Girls Gentlemen’s Club.

However, Cover Girls attorney Casey Wallace said there was no evidence that Felicia applied for the job that night.

He said the club staff did not think they saw him there the night he worked.

“She has the paperwork to fill it out … what we call a dancer packet that is full of information, and they sign it, they do it and they go to work. But it didn’t happen to Mrs. Johnson. She didn’t. Fill in any paperwork, “Wallace KHOU 11 said.

Wallace confirmed he had seen the club’s surveillance video, but did not see him in the footage.

“I can’t say for sure if he was or wasn’t at that club,” Wallace told KHOU 11.

Felicia, who also used the name Felivia Marie, celebrated her 24th birthday in Houston before disappearing. He was last seen taking a ride from a man after Uber was late.

Family members traveled to Houston to conduct their own search for Felicia. Family members found his bloody cell phone on Eldridge Parkway near Bear Creek Park, KHOU-11 Report.

Community activist Quanell X assisted the Felicia family in their search.

Pictures may be deleted

Family handout

Kevin Johnson (left) held a rally outside Houston City Hall on Thursday to raise awareness about his daughter’s disappearance. He criticized the Houston Police Department for its lack of transparency in the investigation.

“I have a lot of questions and no answers and it’s been two weeks,” he said. “It’s beyond deception … It’s unreal. It’s unreal. I’m numb now.”

Kevin said he had not yet seen the surveillance video that police received from the nightclub.

“I believe the footage from Cover Girls will probably answer our question about Felicia’s whereabouts and confirm her identity,” Kevin said.

Houston police say they have withheld evidence to protect the integrity of the case, KHOU-11 Report. The FBI is assisting the local police in the investigation.

Crime Stoppers is offering a 5,000 reward for information leading to Felicia’s location She has been described as 5’4 and 150 pounds with rose and butterfly tattoos.

My guess is that Princess Eugenie’s work with her charity, The Anti-Slavery Collective, was suspended indefinitely a few years ago. I believe Eugenie stopped coming out in public with her work when her father “stepped back” from royal work in late 2019 after his disastrous BBC Newsnight interview. Andrew then returned to reality this February, and he was officially removed from most of his patronage. He is no longer allowed to use his HRH. All because he raped the girls trafficked to him by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghisline Maxwell. Having a podcast about modern slavery was not the moment for Eugene. But now is the time, apparently, because Eugenie has officially launched her pod this week.

Princess Eugenie has officially launched her podcast for her charitable anti-slavery collection. Titled Floodlight, the podcast is hosted by Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter, 32, and Eugene’s friend Julia de Boinville, who co-founded the charity in 2017 to fight modern slavery and trafficking.

The podcast features Eugene and Julia “talking to guests from all walks of life who are helping to fight modern slavery in a variety of ways,” read a post on Eugene’s Instagram on Wednesday as the first episode went live. “From lawmakers and company leaders to famous workers, survivors and journalists, Floodlight shows you how prominent modern slavery is and we can all do something about it.”

Eugenie teased the podcast in January, along with a photo of women recording with a microphone on a white couch in a joint monthly newsletter with Julia, saying, “We’re excited to start recording our long awaited podcast this year, so stay tuned for the release in 2022!”

A podcast is the latest move for the couple, who have previously hosted interviews shared on social media with people who have helped raise awareness of the issue. Eugene also visited the Safe House, and spoke at the UN headquarters in New York. Eugene and Julia previously revealed that they first met on a bus during a school trip, and in 2012, they traveled together to India where they visited an organization called the Women’s Interlink Foundation and “became aware of the first modern slavery.”

[From People]

Again, Eugene’s father is concerned about human trafficking. And again, the history of the royal family in the transatlantic slave trade – and their profits from slavery – is in the news all the time, as the legacy of British colonialism draws to a close. The royal family cannot go on a sad jubilee tour without even protesting the people and seeking compensation. In addition to all that, Nadine White in Swadhin Indicates That anti-slavery group is exclusively white. Everyone who works there is white. Although I’m willing to believe that Eugene’s heart is in the right place, all of this is just as deaf.

Photo courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar.

The Duchess of Cambridge has always been shy. He never shared his mother’s work ethic, although it is largely clear that Carol trained and prepared Kate for social ascent and created “land” as a prince, leaving everything else out. Kate, like Prince William, graduated from St. Andrews in 2005. In the years between her university graduation and her engagement to William in the fall of 2010, Kate had only two jobs. There was an original job with a jigsaw, which he was basically part-time for a few months. His second job was as a “photographer” with the Middleton family company Party Pieces. No one believes for a second that Kate has done much with PP, but sure.

It is noteworthy that from the very beginning, Kate was always aware of laziness and lack of work ethic. Even the queen saw it. From the palace papers:

Even the Queen, who saw that Kate was more than likely to be here, reportedly thought she was attached to a “real job” or high-profile charity work. William was devoted to a tough training schedule, but Kate just felt like jumping into her parents’ company so she could be available when William came home to the party. The Queen’s discomfort increased after the 2008 economic downturn when Her Majesty was not at all fascinated by the pictures of her grandson and his girlfriend leaving Buzzis.

Palace sources said the queen “was acutely aware that Prince William’s public image could be damaged if his girlfriend was not recognized as a working professional in her own right.” Sources say there were conversations with “some loyal friends” about how to deal with what is being called the “Kate problem.” Having met Queen Kate on several occasions, Her Majesty clearly thought she was a pretty enough girl but had no idea what she actually did.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

[From The Palace Papers by Tina Brown]

It was reported at the time – around 2006-07 – that the Queen thought Kate should get a job and stop waiting indefinitely. What I didn’t know was that it had gone so far that the palace’s associates were briefing the press about the Queen’s concerns about Kate’s lack of employment. Perhaps the Queen asked Prince William to order his girlfriend to get the job and William got the message. I didn’t even know that the nickname for the inter-palace for Kate’s laziness was known as The Kate Problem. Bonkers.

In this section Palace papersThere’s also a story I didn’t know that invited William Kate to Sandringham for the Royal Christmas “House Party” in 2006, but she didn’t say it because they weren’t involved (I knew that part). So after rejecting Kate William’s invitation, she invited William to Scotland where her family rented a house for the holidays, and she was supposed to come on New Year’s Eve… and she didn’t show up. Just call him ghost, cold, without any warning. William apparently had a heart-to-heart talk with his father over Christmas, and Charles told him to wait until he was ready to make the offer. Meanwhile, Kate still hoped he would propose to her on or around her birthday in January 2007. William would drop him off on the phone in April of that year, but not before cheating with him.

Photo courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red.

This week, Olivia Wilde made an appearance at the cinema, where she gave a presentation. Don’t worry darlingHis second management effort. Don’t worry darling Starring Harry Styles and Florence Pug. Olivia and Harry started dating during filming in the fall of 2020 and they are still together. Jason Sudekis was quite injured when – this is the version of his events – Olivia started him off with style. She felt that she had cheated on him. They had disagreements about their two children but they were quietly trying to make it work. Or so we thought. Apparently, Jason submitted some papers while they were in custody, and while Olivia was on stage at the cinema, a process server gave her a Manila envelope with a notice from Jason’s lawyer. He was served on stage !!

Jason Sukekis claims that he had no idea the process server would do this with Olivia on stage. I trusted him, and I would blame his lawyers and whatever process-serving attire they used. But the questions remain clear: who knew that Olivia even planned to appear in a movie? Who was the female process server in the front row and how did she get the certificate? And is Jason lying? Hmmm. From wrapping:

After presenting custody papers to Olivia Wilde on CinemaCon on Tuesday, conference organizers are trying to figure out how the woman who served them was able to get on stage to do it. Speaking to RAP editor Sharon Waxman for The RAPUP Podcast on Thursday, National Association of Theater Owners president and CEO John Fethian acknowledged that show officials still did not know who the woman who served Wild with the paperwork was or how she became one. Registered participant of the event.

“No, no, we don’t,” said Pythian. “Because we saw the security footage, and we know it was a registered representative, because it had a badge. And we know it was a woman, but we can’t identify it. We don’t know who she was … we know. “How come this guy got a registered security badge to get into the auditorium. So that’s it – we just couldn’t get it out.”

That said, Fethian reiterated that CinemaCon security practices have been re-evaluated and improved, and noted his own frustration that the incident was able to happen. “It simply came to our notice then. And our show has been going on for 30-plus years, it never happened, ”he said. “And so, we’ve re-evaluated our protocols, and we’ve already changed the show here. We’ve got security in front of the stage now. But we’ve never seen that happen before, because it’s an industry show. It’s not a comic con, is it? They are invited to come, they register, they register the profession, they get their representative badge. “

Wild was on stage on Tuesday during Warner Bros. ‘ Presentation, promotion of her upcoming film “Don’t Wear Darling”. But, while the director was speaking, he was suddenly interrupted by a woman who came from the audience and slided a Manila envelope across the stage to Wilde.

People with knowledge of the show’s production say Wilde’s presence has not been made public. Outside of Wild’s Circles and Cinemacon production team, very few – if any – people knew he would be there.

“Papers were created to establish the jurisdiction of the children of Mrs. Wilde and Mr. Sudekis,” a source told TheWrap on Thursday night. The source added that “Sudeikis had no prior knowledge of the time or place that the envelope would be delivered as it would rely solely on the process service company involved and he would never forgive her for serving it so inappropriately.”

But Cinemacon officials were skeptical, considering the privacy of Wilde’s presence in Las Vegas. An outraged official concludes that Sudekis did it on purpose. “He wanted to insult her,” said the officer, who declined to comment on the record.

[From The Wrap]

See, it gives the story more subtlety. I didn’t realize that CinemaCon was so different from Comic-Con. I thought people out on the street could buy CinemaCon tickets, but I don’t think so. It just seems like an invitation, everyone has been screened and specific invitations have been given to certain people (my guess: art journalists, art genres and movie theater executives). So how did the * process server get the certificate and somehow sit in the front row? I also didn’t realize that Olivia’s presence at the event was not pre-announced. Only people close to Olivia or close to the internal cinematic presentation schedule knew. Hmmm … maybe Jason had a hand? It’s interesting!

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