3 styles that are not clich or basic

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You can almost feel the excitement bursting bubbles. The biggest festival of spring (after an unexpected break) may be the best thing to wait for a long time. But, dressing up for the Southern California Music Festival’s dry valley doesn’t have to be so “predictable” every year. Boho dresses and choker necklaces aside, these sunglasses that you wear will look especially fresh for this important “We’re Back” celebration.

You will be stunned year after year

Timelessness, minimal, sustainable: that sum Klus x Brady Hermosa Style sunglasses. A tribute Tom Brady and all his winning silver, this style has a silver bar that complements its espresso frame (in biodegradable acetate), and soft-square edges. This style defines Christopher Klus As a brand. Unisex, one size fits all. Shop now at Christopher-Cloos.com.

Tom Brady Christopher Klus
Eric Ray Davidson

Brady X Clues – Hermosa Collection

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Stand out in the sea of ​​neon

Why We Love It: Model Elsa Husk has dedicated herself to her time Cat-eyed, vintage design that puts a polished slant on any silhouette. It works in the desert as well as in the city (with a flow dress)) Also, bonus, it’s made with a biodegradable acetate to maintain Christopher. Klus‘Promise to be a 100% sustainable company. Klus x Elsa Restretto. One size fits all. Shop now at Christopher-Cloos.com.

Elsa Christopher Klus
Joey Grossman

Clues X Elsa Collection – Restretto

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Statement piece

With this focal piece you can create a complete outfit around. A full skirt with a vintage chain-link motif or a body-skimming, whatever it is – this Tom Brady retro-inspired design, stands out in a similar sea. Inspired by Tom’s youth on Pacific Beach in the Gulf, the vintage-rounded edges and stainless-steel blend well with anything. Choose some silver jewelry and a bag to tie it all and BoomYou are ready in the real world. Klus x Brady Pacifica – Black. One size fits all. Shop now at Christopher-Cloos.com.

Tom Brady Christopher Klus
Eric Ray Davidson

Close X Brady – Pacifica Collection

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