3 teenagers wanted for questioning in case of killing mother in recording

Pictures may be deleted

Screencap: YouTube

East Point, Ga. Police have released surveillance images of three teenagers for questioning in connection with the fatal shooting of a woman outside a recording studio on Friday night.

Police suspect that all three may have witnessed the shooting in the surveillance photo.

Tanasia Conwell, 26, was shot in front of her three children in a recording studio near Nadel Avenue, Fox 5 News. Report.

He later died at a local hospital. His family is not sure why he was in the recording studio.

Pictures may be deleted

Screencap: YouTube

“It’s a tragedy now,” the victim’s mother, Archevia Conwell, told Fox 5. “This is my baby, my firstborn, 26 years old which was taken from her three children.”

Arkevia said she learned about the shooting from her 5-year-old grandson, who was with her mother and two siblings at the time.

“I call my daughter, I don’t get an answer, I keep calling, I still don’t get an answer, so when I call my 5 year old grandson, when I call her, she says, ‘Mom, who … that. “The boy shot my mother,” Conwell told Fox 5.

Pictures may be deleted

Screencap: YouTube

“He’s just got a new car, just moved into his new apartment, he’s working at Amazon, so he had a chance for a 26-year-old,” Cowell said.

According to Channel 2 Action News, family and friends have taken a look at Tanasia Conwell.

“You will get justice. I have prayed for it, and God is going to see it, and I pray that it will be done quickly,” said Tanasia’s grandmother, Felicia Conwell-Thomas, on surveillance.

Anyone who could identify the boys or have any information about the shooting has been asked to call investigators at 404-559-6300.

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