’90 Day Engagement ‘Aladdin Jallali: Meet Wife Maria Talebi

Move! 90 Day Engagement: Another Way Star Aladdin Jalali After her catastrophic separation from found love again Laura Jalali. Although his relationship with the Canadian is short-lived, the TLC star is happy and married to his new wife – Maria Talebi. Stay tuned to learn more about Maria and the couple’s wedding.

The Tunisian made his reality TV debut with Laura in Season 1 90 Day Engagement: Another Way. Initially connected via Facebook, after eight months of online dating, Laura flew to Qatar to meet Aladdin for the first time. Sharing the age gap of more than 20 years, the pair not only had cultural differences, but also a big disagreement with Liam, Laura’s adult son. Although the pair eventually made it down the corridor and celebrated the series with a three-day traditional Tunisian wedding, it did not last long. Aladdin has exclusively confirmed his separation from Laura In contact In October 2019.

Since leaving the franchise, Aladdin has been relatively drama-free, even introducing a new woman into his life. The former personal trainer apparently announced on Instagram that he was married to his longtime girlfriend Maria. Sharing multiple photos with the ring on the finger of their left hand, Aladdin hid the face of his love interest with a strategically affixed sticker.

90-day-old fianc আল Aladdin Jalali has married his new wife Maria Talebi
Courtesy of Aladdin Jalali / Instagram

On September 12, 2021, Aladdin shared via Instagram, “Words can’t explain how I feel when I’m with you.” “You are the love of my life.” Expressing further hints at her chosen hashtags, she added, “#husbandandwife #lovers #vacations.”

Although Aladdin’s new wife has kept her Instagram private, the pair share the ring and heart emoji as well as the Instagram BIOS matching each other’s handles.

As Laura, she recently released Monday, April 4 episodes 90 day diary That she is currently living with her son in London, Ontario. Explaining that she had “lost virtually everything” after her divorce from Aladdin, she added that her relationship with her son was also deeply affected.

Aware of Aladdin’s new bride, the 54-year-old hopes to return to the dating scene, this time with someone who is “Liam approved”.

“It’s been three years since I’ve been romantically involved with a man, as it has been for a long time,” he explained in his confession. “I really want to get back there, meet men, have a great time with my friends and start getting myself back in shape.”

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