’90 Day Engagement ‘Divorce Rate: How Many Couples Divided?

When TLC’s 90 day engagement It has had major accidents and burnout episodes in the eight seasons it has aired so far, with producers of successful franchises saying its divorce rate is better than the national average.

“Sadly, the divorce rate in the United States is about 50% – 50% of couples can’t afford it. We’re on top of that,” explained Matt Sharp, CEO of Sharp Entertainment. Deadline. “Our couples are over 75%.”

90 day engagement Documents of couples made up of Americans falling in love with international partners. Although most potential couples meet online, the series follows employed couples because they meet K-1 visa requirements. Getting married within 90 days of the foreigner’s arrival in the United States – if they do not, the foreigner must return to their home country.

From the shock of culture to communicating using translators, the flagship series has kept TLC fans hooked as the original has spawned a lot of spinoffs. 90 day engagement: 90 days ago And 90 Day Engagement: Another Way. “There are a lot of people who occasionally watch the show and say, ‘Oh my God, it’s so hard,'” Sharp continued. “And, you know, ‘they’re going out of the box here and they don’t understand each other.’ That’s one of the amazing things about this show. “

Sharp’s senior director of casting, Brooklyn Bagwell, also commented on why couples are so successful compared to other reality TV programs. “It simply came to our notice then 90 days More likely to be together. They have already gone through a lot. Why break up now? They’ve done a lot to stay together. “

He added, “This show is incredibly diverse. There are some people from different backgrounds who are finding these connections… who join this incredible love journey. And so, yes, I’m glad to see most of us couples living together. “

Visitors have invested in the journey to prosperity 90 day engagement Couples are so many that the ex has even gotten their own show. Chantelle Everett And Pedro Gimeno Season 4 was first introduced in 2016. After appearing in its 2nd, 3rd and 4th seasons 90 Day Engagement: After Happiness?They were given their own spinoff, Family Chantelle.

While the show has seen its success, it won’t be very popular without a few messy divisions. In eight seasons, the show has seen the divorce of 10 couples. Season 2’s Daniel Jabali (born Mullins) And Mohammad Jabali Divorced in 2017, Season 2’s Chelsea Massac And Yamir Castillo Divorced in 2016, Season 2’s Jason Hitch And Cassia Towers Divorce in 2018, season 4’s Anfisa Arkhipchenko And George Nava Divorce in 2020, Season 5’s Molly Hopkins And Luis Mendez Divorce in 2018, season 6’s Ashley Martson And Jay Smith Divorce in 2020, season 6’s Colt Johnson And Larissa dos Santos Lima Divorce in 2019, Season 6’s Jonathan Rivera And Fernando Flores Divorce in 2020, Season 1’s Other ways alums Laura And Aladdin Jalali Divorce in 2020 and Season 4 90 days ago They Lisa Hamme And Usman “Sojabay” Umar Ra Divorced in 2020.

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