A $ AP Rocky cheated again?


Another woman came forward With receipt That RihannaThe child’s father, A $ AP RockyTried to get offline with him.

Two weeks ago, the Portuguese IG model Claimed Harlem Rapper reached out to her via direct message on Instagram.

The woman Receipt provided And the gossip has gone viral. But the pregnant pop star returned to her local Barbados on vacation with A $ AP and said goodbye to the paparazzi.

The gossip of cheating has faded since their holiday photos surfaced on the blog last week.

Everything would have been perfect without A $ AP To be arrested When they return to the United States on 4/20.

Now another woman has come forward with a receipt that confirms the rapper’s ways of cheating.

According to The sunRihanna was about four months pregnant when A $ AP allegedly British paddleboarder DM’D Jelly O’Donnell In December.

A $ AP, 33, is said to have offered to fly the mother of three children to Ukraine to meet him while he was on a tour of Europe. She texted him three times in 10 hours without any response.

When he finally replies to his DM he likes his comment with a heart emoji and they exchange dozens of messages.

Spot / Backgrid

After he offered to fly to Ukraine, Jelly replied: “I can’t go to Ukraine haha, I can’t even give Christmas after last year’s lockdown …”

Rocky replied: “Can’t you go somewhere ???? It’s bad. I’ve just come here. I’m closing my F ***** G ball. Although the gym here is nice.”

Greg Diguer / Wire Image

Jelly said The sun“He has millions of followers on Instagram, so God knows why he chose to message me.”

He added:

“It would be crazy but a lot of women would probably agree to this kind of thing. He is rich and so people will undoubtedly run when he clicks his finger. I know what would have happened if I had flown away from it. Was. “

He continued:

“I was shocked that he was with Rihanna, especially that she was pregnant. But nothing happened and it was quite a light conversation. I hope they will be very happy together.”

We are not shocked by the reports of fraud. Rihanna seems to be attracted to boys who will cheat on her.

Kamehameha / Backgrid

Rihanna, 34, felt depressed as she approached Georgie Baldy of Santa Monica to attend her baby shower on the weekend. Her legs and ankles were swollen and she looked depressed. Now we know why.

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