Abby Dugar due date for John No. 2 with John David Dugar

The family of the next 4 people! John David Duger And his wife, Abby Dugar, Officially expecting a child No. 2, but when is the reality reality star’s due date? The pair made the announcement during a Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday, May 8.

“That little girl who calls me Mom, and for our little boy at the end of the summer, I’ll love you forever!” Abby, 30, shows her baby bump in a floral pink dress holding the hand of her daughter Grace Annette Duger in the caption of an Instagram photo on the couple’s joint account.

Rumors of a possible pregnancy spread when a Reddit user Abby stumbled upon her Pinterest account in February 2022 and noticed To count The alum had a board titled “Pink or Blue”. His mother Cheryl Burnett, Featuring an array of baby announcement ideas that followed the board. At the time, Abby “liked” several baby shower ideas, including a potentially bumblebee theme.

This is not the first time fans have speculated that the couple is adding to their family. After Abby uploaded an anniversary post in November 2021, which she captioned, “It was a happy anniversary,” some fans took “happy” as an indication that big things were happening.

“My dugout spidy senses are shaking,” commented a separate Reddit user at the time. “Based on anything other than capitalization in the caption, I’m going to say that these two are expected.”

John David, 32, and Abby, who married in November 2018, welcomed their first daughter, Grace Annette Dugar, in January 2020.

In October 2021, the family faced a major setback when John David crashed his Piper PA-30 after running out of fuel in Waverly, Tennessee. At the time, the Humphrey County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the crash In contact But only a family in Arkansas could reveal it was involved. John David and Abby live in Springdale, Arkansas.

Dr. received the report of the accident In contact, Documents show that the six-seater plane had two more people (later confirmed to be wife Abby and their daughter Grace). John David and Abby, both pilots, broke their silence about the horrific crash in January 2022.

“An emergency landing or plane crash is a scary thing, but that’s exactly what pilots are trained for,” the couple said in a statement obtained by Celebuzz. “We are very grateful for God’s protection, because when it happened last October, we all left unharmed. We appreciate the love and care that so many have shown us! ”

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