Abby Lee Miller slammed ‘Dance Moms’ stars who abandoned her

Tell! Abby Lee Miller slammed Dance mom The stars that abandoned him while he was in prison.

Her legal issues during an interview with Lifetime Allam reflected how her coasters treated her. Entertainment tonight Wednesday, April 27. “Shame on you. You will be ashamed after what I have done for you, for your children – to help you earn a lot of money. Can’t you come and see me for eight and a half months? You send a card, a letter.” Can’t you? ” He asked the parents of those he worked with.

“I was getting mail from kids in other countries and somehow, little girls between the ages of 12 and -13 were finding addresses,” Abby continued. “They got their cards and letters from me and the people here that I taught their kids before the television show – they were very happy customers before. Dance mom And then this time, they were stars, they were making money, they were at the top of the world – and you’re just going to dump me? “

“It’s not painful anymore, because you can quickly understand who your friends are,” he added.

Abby Lee Miller condemns 'Dancing Mother' stars who abandoned her in prison: 'You're ashamed'

In 2016, the dance instructor pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud. He brought মু 120,000 worth of Australian currency to the United States without reporting. The TV personality was sentenced to one year and one day in prison in 2017, though was released early for good behavior.

Many are also in legal battle Dance mom The stars have stopped showing support for their former dance teacher.

Abby made a name for himself by helping such turn dancers Jojo Siva And Maddie Ziegler They have them today. Although she is no longer in the dance studio teaching class, the reality star has revealed that she is now practically teaching the class. “I teach zoom around the world, and I can critique and choose everything,” Abby told the outlet. “This morning, I was teaching a child in Australia that every step he took was well-tuned.”

Although Abby had no problem calling her ex-coasters, the choreographer thanked the supporters who stood by her during her legal battle and diagnosis of Burkitt lymphoma. “[I’m] Grateful and grateful for the people in my life – who stood by my side, thick and thin, through all of this, “he said.” I love them very much, and for strangers, there’s an old Irish proverb when you ask a stranger. People were great to me. “

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