After apparently hinting, Bobby Schmurda stated that he had ‘not had sex for 6 months’.

Bobby Smurda

After apparently hinting at a penis injury, Bobby Smurda said he had been ‘not having sex for 6 months’.

Bobby Smurda He has been living his best life since his release from prison in February 2021, including Bedroom.

Drill music pioneer / rapper Bobby Shmurda, 27, recently announced that he would take a step back from having sex with women for at least six months On Sunday (April 24), he took to Twitter to claim that he had “the worst day ever” to let his followers know that he would be celibate for six months. Bobby Smurda Wrote,

“It was the worst day ever. Not having sex for 6 months.”

Finally, Twitter users responded to suspicious tweets that created their own repetition Shmurda, Born Ackquille Pollard. One user responded to a tweet joking about an AIDS-infected rapper. User commented,

“n * gga found out he had AIDS.”

Shmurda Twitter stops users from making their claims and supports those who are fighting the disease. He replied,

“I am not an AIDS homemaker. God bless those people though. I don’t think it’s a joke. They really lost their lives here. ”

Another Twitter user claimed by chiming Shmurda Acquired “burned”, which means got a sexually transmitted infection. Shmurda He came back jokingly and clapped his hands and said,

“Yes, mother is burnt.”

Shortly after the announcement, the Brooklyn rapper dropped an interesting contextual clue to help fans understand why he was going to adjust to his sex life, apparently causing an injury to his penis by revealing a girl’s tongue ring. In a follow-up tweet, Shmurda Shared a new rule when talking to women. He said

“The new rule is I don’t talk to girls anymore [tongue] [rings]”

Shmurda Responding to a fan who reacted to the unfortunate incident, the tongue ring apparently confirmed that his personal “piece” had been snatched away.

According to HipHopDXDuring an interview with “Million Dollars Worth of Games” in January, Shmurda He says he slept with ten women the day he was released from prison.

“It simply came to our notice then. I did six B * teaches on the jet, I ate like two B * teaches. Yeah, six years brother, six years? No one has been coming home for half a decade and not eating some p * ssy. I’ll eat some p * ssy. “

Outside of her sex life, Bobby Smurder The rise of music is back. Following a recent break with Epic Records, she is set to release her new and first independent album, “They Don’t Know,” this week on Friday (April 29).

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