Al Rocker says “Some days you are up, some days you are down, I just want to be

Al Rocker

“Some days you’re up, some days you’ll be down, I just want to be healthy,” said Al Roker, discussing the difficulties of maintaining weight.

Famous meteorologist Al Rocker Being honest about the struggle for a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. appeared on television at the beginning of this month Al Rocker, 67, went on her Instagram to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her life-changing gastric bypass procedure. According to Al, A 100lb weight loss as a result of surgery performed in March 2002. This TV personality has recently been open about trying to maintain a healthy weight after surgery. Al While it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, he is no longer caught up with these numbers.

During a recent interview, Al Says:

“I have no idea where I am. I just know my clothes fit … that’s kind of a standard for me. “

The award-winning journalist goes on to describe the difficulties of maintaining a balanced weight:

“Every day is a struggle, every day … everyone knows they struggle with their weight. Some days you’re up, some days you’re down, but great if you’re just fine or the same on the weekends. As long as you’re working on it All is well … I just want to make sure I’m healthy.

Al He explains the little things he does to help discipline his healthy life journey. Explaining why he carries the scale of travel wherever he goes, he said:

“I used to use travel as an excuse to eat badly. Now I go nowhere without my scale; I literally pack it with myself … it allows me to have a bad day or even a bad moment. “

He continued:

“In the old days it was, ‘Well, I blew it up; I can go wild pigs as well. ‘ Now it is [like]”Okay, I made a mistake. Let’s get back in the wagon.”

Al Rocker

The 3rd hour of today’s cohost revealed in his 2013 memoir, Never go back: winning weight loss for good, How food used to take such a priority in his life. He said:

“My life was centered on food. I can never live without food in my apartment – not even in New York, where you can get everything in 30 minutes or less. ”

Al Rocker, Deborah Roberts

Despite everything, including his weight fluctuations, the TV personality says he is moving forward with confidence:

“It’s still a struggle but I will never go back … I have always struggled and struggled, but I will never forget how far I have come.”

Can you relate Al’s constant struggle with weight and healthy living? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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