Alina calls Mike’s posts after the shooting

Isn’t that right? Alina Kozevnikova His ex is calling 90 day engagement: 90 days ago Coaster Mike Burke He was not ostracized or disenfranchised after some of his racist sensitive posts resurfaced online after he was fired following his past racist social media behavior scandal.

“When I don’t feel fair, I can’t keep quiet so I thought I needed to fix it,” Kozevnikova, 27, said in a YouTube video titled “It’s always bad.” He also issued a statement claiming that his video was not intended to “hurt anyone” and that he had no “personal issues” with the people mentioned in the clip.

She reminded her fans of the scandal when her old posts were circulated on social media in January, featuring “insulting words” and “culturally and racially sensitive” language – a month after her TLC debut. 90 day engagement: 90 days ago Season 5 with love interest Caleb Greenwood. He explained that he had apologized for his behavior in a separate video and that as a result of the scandal, he was dropped from the show and was not invited to speak at all. The Russian resident then explained that a colleague of his had become the center of a similar scandal last month.

“Nothing was addressed when this same thing happened to my customer,” Kozevnikova claimed. “He didn’t do anything, he didn’t network.”

He continued, “If we are all against racism, let us all hold the same values.”

Although Kozevnikova did not give her name, Bark was the only other 90 day engagement: 90 days before season 5 Star to match the description. In March, a New Yorker became the subject of his own scandal when blogger @FraudedMedia discovered what appeared to be Burke’s old, personal Instagram account. On the page, which was deleted, Burke complained that he had posted several memes, including racially sensitive jokes or hashtags.

“It simply came to our notice then [n-word] They’re still joking … until they try to swipe their Foodstamp card and the Dora Explorer pops out saying ‘Sweeper, no swiping!’ Completely different from a mechanic. “

In another post, Burke allegedly shared a meme complaining against student loan service provider Sally Mom and captioned it with hashtags: “#CantUnderstandThem” and “#Specanglish.”

“In conclusion, I think if someone is fired and someone else does the same thing, they have to bear the same consequences. That, too, needs to be addressed if it is addressed earlier, and I think they should apologize as well, “Kozevnikova said.” What is unacceptable to one must be unacceptable to another. “

Representatives of Burke and TLC did not immediately respond In contactRequest for comment.

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