Allegations of sex trafficking against the chopper of ‘Making the Band’, seduce women

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Chopper, from MTV Band madeHe was extradited to Las Vegas to face charges of sex trafficking.

TMZ Report Chopper, real name Kevin Burns, was arrested in Maryland and charged with running a prostitution business. Burns has been accused of luring Instagram models and other vulnerable young women from social media platforms.

Burns was fested when he was DMing a secret Nevada state police officer posing as an unprotected young woman on Instagram.

TMZ reported that the aspiring rapper tried to seduce the undercover police by telling him that he could make money by selling his property as part of his women’s stables.

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Police then searched her social media account and found several posts mentioning prostitution.

The aspiring rapper has led a good life of young women on Instagram.

IG shows Burns sitting on a private jet in the photo and shows her seven homes, her car and her jewelry collection, including one in Las Vegas.

In a phone call with undercover police, Burns complained that he would join his “team” and the Hookers “stable.”

Burns then began talking aggressively to police and instructed him to meet with her in Charlotte, NC, to join her “stable.”

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