Amber Rose reveals that she needs help with the event w / Annual Slot Walk In

Amber Rose reveals that she needs help to keep the event going W / Annual Slot Walk: I need a lot of sponsors, I need a lot of money to launch it

Amber Rose The annual Slot Walk is back after three years, but will that be the end of it?

April 18, model / actress Amber Rose, 38, revealed through his Instagram account that he cannot continue to organize his annual slot walk by himself. He said he needed sponsors, money and a live production company to help him put together the event. Amber Rose Said

“But, to be honest with you… I can no longer walk the slot by myself. I just can’t. For example, I need a lot of sponsors, I need a lot of money to put it. ”

He goes on

“[I need a] Huge manufacturing company. I need Live Nation, AG, I need someone big to come to my senses and help me with that, because, you know, just me and my team – more than 20,000 people in attendance. ”

He further shared that the process of working with Live Nation is taking longer than that and he hopes that your IG applications will help speed things up. He followed,

“It simply came to our notice then. So, you know, we have to make sure that … if I do it myself and I have more than 20,000 people in attendance, as it quickly reaches capacity. ”

He added,

“I, as a person, cannot do it on my own. So, I love you. You know, please tag AEG Live Nation. Let’s get this done. Let’s do it in Miami this year, and let’s go crazy. I love you. ”

Amber Rose Launched the Slut Walk in Los Angeles in 2015 to call for an end to the culture of rape, including blaming victims and insulting victims of sexual harassment. People from all backgrounds have since marched on the streets of LA as a movement, protesting against sexism and indecent behavior. The latest The Amber Rose Slot Walk took place in 2018. Socialite canceled the event in 2019 due to her pregnancy and had to postpone walking again for the next two years due to Covid-19.

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