Amy is mourning the little death of the dog

Rainbow over the bridge. Pregnant 1000-pound sisters Star Amy Halterman (née Slaton) is mourning the death of her beloved dog, a little bitch named Chihuahua, soon after her pet was diagnosed with cancer.

“Tear it up a little. I love you so much 2000-2022, ”Amy, 34, wrote on Tuesday, April 12 via Instagram. In her honor, the TLC star shared a throwback photo of her adorable, late pooch sitting on a throwback pillow.

Fans immediately took to the comments to share their sympathies. “This is sorry Amy .. sorry for your loss. RIP little bit [red heart emoji] [dog emoj] [rainbow emoji]”, Wrote one follower. Another added,” So sorry [crying face emoji] All treats are waiting on the rainbow bridge [rainbow emoji] [heart emoji]”

“Oh no [see no evil monkey emoji] What the heck happened? Sweetie? So [disappointed face emoji] Sorry girls …[dog emoji] [folded hands emoj]One follower asked. In the comments, Amy explained the cause of her dog’s death.

“We took him to the vet [five] Day [ago] What we thought was an allergy. He did [an] X-rays and blood work, to find out if her lung cancer was bad, “explained a local in Kentucky.” [kept] His meds and [kept] Its comfortable. “

Amy’s dog has made several appearances 1000-pound sistersShe starred with her older sister in the TLC series Tammy Slaton. The sisters joined the show in hopes of sharing their journey as they made a deal to help each other lose weight and qualify for weight loss surgery. In Season 1, Amy was approved for surgery and she lost 131 pounds while 35-year-old Tammy was still struggling to lose enough initial weight to be a candidate for the procedure.

YouTuber’s motivation for weight loss and surgery was the dream of starting a family with her husband, Michael Halterman. Shortly after her gastric bypass surgery, Amy became pregnant with her No. 1 baby. Amy and Michael, 38, welcomed their first child, son Gage, together in November 2020.

In Season 3, Amy records her compatibility with motherhood as she embarks on her postpartum journey and continues her weight loss journey. In all the changes in her life, Amy’s weight loss stopped at 275. Throughout the season, Amy quickly expresses her desire to expand her family as she seeks to be closer to the age of her children. Her doctor, Dr. Charles Proctor Jr.., Advises him to stop trying for the 2nd child until he reaches his target weight.

1000-Lb Sister Star Amy Slaton Weight Loss Journey 3
Courtesy of Amy Halterman / Instagram

“When it’s serious, mom needs to be healthy,” he advised at the end of Season 3, which aired on Jan. 31. “We really have to double now.”

That same month, Amy announced her pregnancy with her 2nd child. “Gage is going to be the big brother in July 2022,” he wrote via Instagram at the time. “[I’m] Will end July 18th !!!! We are on the moon !!!! “

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