Amy Rolf reunites with Molly at Easter

This is a family reunion! Small people, big world Star Amy Rolf He shared a picture with his rarely seen daughter Molly Sylvius (née Roloff) Easter trip with her son Jacob Rolf And his wife Isabel Rock.

“Easter Weekend in Spokane,” The A little m The 57-year-old author captioned the family selfie on Saturday, April 16th. “There is nothing better than hanging out with some of my children and grandchildren and praising the Lord. Hallelujah! ”

Little Man, Big World 'star Amy Rolf reunites with daughter Molly on Easter trip with Jacob and Isabel
Courtesy of Amy Rolf / Instagram

The mother of the Rolf family, who recently tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Chris MarekShe traveled to Washington on vacation with her two rarely seen children and new grandchildren.

Molly, 28, and her husband Joel Sylvius, Amy was joined in the photo by Jacob, 25, Isabel, 25, and their son, 4-month-old Mate. They all seem to be enjoying the green scene and fans must have been happy to see the TV family reunite. “There’s nothing better than having a great weekend with the kids, Amin. I know I love that weekend myself,” one wrote. Another fan wrote, “It’s great to see you and your kids. Happy Easter! ”

After the Molly family left the TLC show and moved away from the farm with her husband, she was a rare sight compared to the rest of her family. Although she has her own Instagram account, she keeps it private and apparently confined to family and friends.

Although the famous family never explained why Molly never appeared on the show, Dad Matt Rolf Once indicated an incident occurred.

Matt, 60, explained during an episode of the “Fatherhood in First Class” podcast, “We had some more fears in the early days when everyone was young.” “We were very defensive. In particular, we were concerned that Molly was involved in something. When we did the show, we had a lot of fans who were so excited to go to different family members that they were fixed. ”

TLC viewers first met the now-ex-Amy and Matt And their four children, Jeremy, ZacharyMolly and Jacob returned in March 2006. When Molly and Jacob both decide to leave the show, Small people, big world Fans can rejoice in this truth The rest of the family will return to Season 23 on TLC in May.

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