Amy Slaton hints at the name Baby No.2

Dropping clues! 1000-pound sisters Star Amy Halterman (née Slaton) shared a hint about the probable name of the 2nd baby as she shared an update on her pregnancy.

“Already 25 weeks !! 13 more weeks until I meet my little boy… or he still has no name,” Amy, 34, wrote via Instagram on Monday, April 4th. Of course it’s about the horror match gauge.

With a hint of her baby’s name, Amy shared screenshots of her pregnancy tracker app, which revealed that her baby boy is now a rugby size, 13 and a half inches and weighs about one and a half pounds. By the 25th week of pregnancy, Amy’s unborn baby will start “feeling out” which means she will start getting baby fat which will smooth out her wrinkled skin and make her look more like a newborn. She will also start growing hair.

Fans took to the comments to share their guesses for the baby boy No.2’s name. “I thought his name was John?” One fan wrote. Amy replied, “No, we didn’t like it in the end.”

Other fans shouted at them with pictures of scary movie-themed names. “Please don’t say ‘chucky’. 😂🤣,” commented one follower. Another fan added.

Amy has announced that she is expecting her 2nd child with her husband Michael Halterman In January. “Gage is going to be the big brother in July 2022. We’re on the moon !!!! “he wrote via Instagram at the time with a photo of 16-month-old Gage, wearing a wannabe that read,” I’m going to be big brother in 2022. “Towards the end of that month, She shared a YouTube video announcing the sex of her child.

As fans recall, her desire to become a local mother in Kentucky was part of her and her sister’s motivation to qualify for weight loss surgery in Season 1. Tammy SlatonOf TLC series, 1000-pound sisters. Although she was advised to wait until the end of her weight loss journey to start a family, Amy quickly became pregnant with her No. 1 baby. Her weight loss stopped at 275 pounds as she adjusted to motherhood, and her doctor, Dr. Charles Proctor Jr.Request to get back on track.

“When it’s serious, Mom needs to be healthy,” he advised during the Season 3 finale. “We really, really have to double now.”

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