Angela egg teeth, dental makeover

90 day engagement Star Angela eggs Upgrading his life in multiple ways. Hazlehurst, a resident of Georgia, recently unveiled plans to completely replace his teeth after his plastic surgery and weight loss surgery journey.

Monday, April 11th episode 90 day diary Take a trip to a dental office in Beverly Hills to show the TLC personality what he called his “major insecurity.” After boosting her confidence by losing 106 pounds as a “life-changer”, Angela decided she wanted to match the smile.

“When I was 18, I had an accident where I lost two teeth. And as the years went by, I started smoking, “the 55-year-old explained of his dental history.” You know, menopause is coming. My teeth are starting to break. ” Adding that her teeth were falling out due to the deterioration of her gums, Angela ideally hoped for a new dental implant.

When 90 day engagement Alam was given three options, his conversion would come with a hefty price tag. Choosing a combination of dental implants and dentures, including major bone growth, can cost a total of over $ 25,000 – something that obviously doesn’t fit well with his long-distance love. Michael Lesanmi.

There have already been major clashes in the past over Angela’s decision to go under the knife for weight loss surgery, Nigerian locals felt That 90 day fiance: pillow talk The star did not need surgery to lose weight and instead, The money should go towards in-vitro fertilization so that they can conceive a child together.

Despite her husband’s wishes, Angela underwent five surgeries in a single day in August 2020, including a gastric sleeve procedure, liposuction and a breast reduction. Angela debuts her new look 90 Day Engagement: After Happiness? Season 6 Say all that is the reason for this couple’s biggest push.

When Michael screamed about his wife’s new look, Angela blamed him for the lack of emotional support given to him throughout the process.

“I didn’t get any support from her at all because when I wake up, I think, ‘Where’s my tits?’ You look down and there’s nothing there, “Angela described Michael’s initial reaction to the decline. “And he started complaining and making fun of me, [saying] My tits are too small. “Speaking of which, Angela revealed that just a few days before filming, she went under the knife again, to have a breast implant after Michael was not happy with the size of her breasts after her reduction.

Although the couple tied the knot in a traditional Nigerian wedding in January 2020, Angela explained that “marrying Michael is really no different than being her fianc” because they Still long distances. The couple is still waiting for a visa, he added 90 day diary Episode, “I think you have more quarrels. Because you can’t, you know, when you have an argument or a fight, all you can do is turn off the call. I think it’s better to be private when we have arguments. ”

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