Animal Concert is making waves in Metaverse

Animal Concert is creating the next generation of experiences for concerts online and in Metaverse! Since the launch of the token on March 29, ANML has been ranked number one on CoinMarketCap’s list of trending cryptocurrencies, and among the top three largest beneficiaries, the ANML token has been ranked as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world.

Known for working with music artists, e.g. Alicia Keys, Future, Bustar rhyme, Diplo, Humble match And Guna, Animal Concert is helping established and emerging artists in their journey through NFT and other crypto-related endeavors. These superstars have thus been brought to Web3 to perform for a potentially unlimited worldwide audience. In addition, animal concerts acquire a variety of intellectual property and add to its arsenal, which will be used to create a growing library of materials. These include Alicia Keys’ upcoming rare and exclusive NFT drop and the Internet’s most famous French bulldog, Easy the French.

“We are democratizing the concert,” he said Colin Fitzpatrick, The company’s CEO and longtime marketing, sales and technology consultant, such as Dell, Salesforce, Hubspot and Oracle. “You no longer have to be lucky to see your favorite band in your local town. With animal concerts, artists come to you. By portraying these artists in 3D and using a headset like the Oculus Quest, we can provide a highly personalized but completely immersive, shared experience. It’s a game changer for many. “

On March 29, Animal Concert hosted a Token Generation Event (TGE), which successfully launched their native “Animal” token. Like other project tokens, it will set Web3 standards before using behind-the-scenes content, advance ticket sales, future NFT drops, IRL and online community events, customizable merchandise, downloads and other useful incentives. Animal Token has launched several top exchanges simultaneously: Bitmart, Huobi, and Uniswap.

The April 1 launch event, featuring hip-hop legend and celebrity Web 3 power-player and pioneer, Snoop Dogg, titled “A Hard Working Man”, was followed by the exclusive release of a new song via The Avila Brothers Music Group / BMG. , And country music legends Billy Ray Cyrus And Snoop Dogg, Supported by the executive producer, Animal Concert. From the Avila Brothers, who created the master for the song, responsible for the hit albums and singles, from Usher Per Janet Jackson, Gwen Stefani And many more.

Snoop and Cyrus’ new track is part of an informal companion; A humble and still proud message for the solidarity of proud American industrialists and workers, including adherence to America’s rapidly evolving technological and economic landscape.

Grammy Award winner Avila Brothers has partnered to create the track Bernard Alexander, A legend in the rap music industry and a leading entrepreneur, visionary and creative strategist in the early days of Web3. Alexander teamed up with the Avila Brothers, who wrote the track in pre-COVID-19 years and brought it to Snoop and Cyrus, who made sure to be the pop jaggery.

“Instead of going to a record company and selling it in the traditional way, Bernard partnered with us,” explained Dublin-born Fitzpatrick. Animal Concert – a web 3 metavers platform as much as it is a global entertainment company – now owns the permanent rights to the song. This makes sense in the heels of COVID-19, as it shuts down touring for a lot of work, damaging important revenue streams for musicians, especially trivial streaming-service revenue.

The music video for “A Hard Working Man” premiered on April 29 and will be viewed Here.

Animal Concert is not the first player in the virtual concert game. Both Ariana Grande And Travis Scott Fortnite’s Open World video game is performed in Metavers, generating millions of dollars each. Similarly, Snoop himself has recently teamed up with Gala Games, where his NFT music drop has generated about $ 40 million. A-list musicians and other performers are beginning to sniff out a potential revolution for the long-awaited music industry. And Animal Concert wants to hold their hand.

“Even though we’re animal concerts, we’re really animal entertainment,” explains Fitzpatrick, a former DJ and event promoter. “Whether it’s music, movies or comedy, we want to be there. We want Metavers to be agnostic. Not only are we creating our own metavers, we want to be present in all the established virtual worlds and we are partnering with all the big up-and-coming metavers. Who knows which place is going to emerge as the premier space? Be it Descentland or Sandbox. Of course, Mark ZuckerbergThe man who recently changed the name of Facebook’s parent company to Metaverse is laying the foundation for the future of his multi-billion-dollar company. ”

The Native Animal Token (an ERC-20 token), currently built in Ethereum and bridged at Polygon and Binance, is planned to bridge more chains in the future. For now, it can be used as a currency to buy NFT and NFT tickets when interacting with other fans, friends and artists. It can also be used to vote to allow fans to take part in the concert process. Fitzpatrick saw it from the ticket stubs you put in a box at the concert you went to in the past. These digital tickets are stored in your Animal Wallet on NFT and Blockchain – public for viewing – enabling you to connect shared experiences.

“Today’s kids are more excited to show sneakers in their Metaverse avatars than their fathers bought them last week from Nike – they have a very strong value for their digital assets,” added Fitzpatrick.

Animal Concerts Web3’s Biggest Problem in the World: Customer Expectations to Solve There are some things to look for when selecting your favorite music artist, such as Call to Action. It should also be noted that virtual venues do not have to comply with the laws of physics or comply with any maximum occupancy orders or public safety concerns, although in real life this is extremely important.

Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour performance at Fortnite – which saw her mingling with imaginary llama creatures and climbing a floating staircase to a paradise made of light – led more than 78 million in-game spectator members worldwide. He has made nearly 50 million selling in-game digital assets and this has raised serious eyebrows in the music industry. Animal concerts are the catalyst for this to happen. Uniquely included advertising space, in-game (show) shopping and the potential for collaborative branded sponsorship are also limitless.

“How many people can you fit in a stadium?” Fitzpatrick asks rhetorically. “50 to 80,000? How many can you fit into Metaverse? Millions.”

Animal concert tokens are available for purchase on three top-tier exchanges: Huobi, and Bitmart. Also, ANML can be found in other CEX and DEX. Read them Buying guide For step-by-step instructions on how to become an ANML token holder.

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