Anna Dugar is all waiting to be punished as Husband Josh

To count alum Anna Duggar She seems to be in a happy place – despite her husband’s impending punishment for her child’s pornography. A mother of seven smiles as she attends a friend’s vow renewal ceremony in Arkansas earlier this week.

In a photo shared by the bride via Instagram Story, Anna, 33, is seen smiling from ear to ear while wearing a modest champagne-colored dress that has been pinned into the bust.

Anna Dugar laughs during a rare outing while waiting for her husband Josh to be sentenced to prison
Courtesy of Gabriel Patton / Instagram

Anna’s sister-in-law Joy Forsyth (No duggar), Abby Dugar (née Barnett) and mother-in-law, Michelle Dugar, Was also present. Joy, 24, and Abby, 30, wore rocking dresses similar in color and style to Anna, which shows that all three were part of the couple.

Critics were quick to comment Josh DuggarWife’s presence at the ceremony.

“Can you believe that Anna accidentally goes to these events with him and everyone knows that her husband is currently in jail for being a pedophile?” One person said via Reddit. “I’m surprised he’s still invited to things,” shared another

“I’m not a fan of Anna – but to be fair – I’m glad to see her,” said one user.Help, his defense is coming.

The love-filled incident happened just over a month before Anna’s husband, Josh, 34, was convicted of child pornography. As In contact As previously reported, Josh was convicted in December 2021 on two counts of receiving and possessing child sexual abuse material. He faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $ 250,000 per count.

Despite her strong convictions, Anna seems to be stuck with her man. Last February 3, the former said 19 children and counting The star’s wife broke her silence on the scandal and shared an Instagram post that read, “There’s more to the story.”

The attached link leads readers to Josh’s proposal for redemption. In the documents obtained by In contactJosh’s attorneys argued that the prosecution failed to present evidence that Josh “knew that the visual images were of a minor involved in sexually explicit behavior.”

They further added that there was no evidence that Josh had viewed the pornographic images found on his computer “The trial established evidence that some of the files found on the HP desktop computer were never seen by any computer user, and that all files were deleted shortly after download,” Motion wrote.

His sentence, originally scheduled for April 5, has been delayed at Josh’s request. He is currently behind bars awaiting his sentencing on May 25, 2022.

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