Annie, after the death of Robert Barry Son Adriel

90 day engagementOf Annie Francis A reflection of the “painful” moment of burying her late 7-month-old son Adriel, whom she shared with her husband. Robert Springs.

“Today was one of the worst days of my life,” the 32-year-old reality TV star wrote in Spanish via Instagram on Wednesday, April 27, which has been translated into English. The heartbreaking TikTok featured photos of Annie’s baby boy, the first picture was apparently an Easter holiday, as Adriel smiled beautifully surrounded by colorful eggs.

“[I] My son had to say goodbye, “she said. “I have never in my life been so ready to bury my son. It is very painful and difficult. I feel like my heart is pounding from my pain, and it knows I can’t change anything to get back to my son. My angel Adriel. But it’s not ‘goodbye’, ‘see you again one day.’ I will love you my life forever. “

Robert, 41, commented on his wife’s Instagram post expressing his emotional respect for their son.

“My eternal champion. I love you my son, ”he wrote in English. “Your father will find you !!!!!!! This was the day [tough]I will be strong [for] Your mother. “

One week ago, Annie announced the heartbreaking news of Adriel’s death, suggesting that her child had a heart condition.

“Today is one of the worst days of my life, my son Adriel Springs has died,” she wrote via Instagram along with a photo of a black ribbon. “I am devastated [so is] My family… life is very hard and difficult. I never thought I would lose my son. He was a warrior. His heart could not take it. My heart was broken. It was a great pain. It was very difficult. “

'I love you forever'
Courtesy of Annie Francisco / Tic Tac Toe

Two days later, he expressed the sad cause of his death in a separate Instagram post, writing, “It was the last picture an hour before my son’s surgery. Life is unfair.”

Annie and Robert first met online in 2019 and viewers watched their whirlwind romance unfold throughout Season 7 of the TLC series. After the meeting, they spent only eight hours together before proposing to the Dominican Republic, the birthplace of Robert Annie. Their September 2019 wedding ceremony was shown in an episode for the audience. Since then, they have welcomed their first child, daughter Brenda, in July 2020. Annio is the stepmother of Robert’s son Bryson from her previous relationship.

Adriel was the couple’s second child together and Robert’s seventh child in total, as he shared four older children from a previous relationship.

In April 2021, when Annie and Robert announced that they were expecting a 2nd child, Annie stated that they had “a healthy baby on the way.” A month later, their gender appeared in an episode of Revelation 90 Day Engagement: Pillow Talk.

“It’s a boy,” the mother said when Robert shot a confetti popper and she cut a cake, both of which exposed the blue. “That’s beautiful! It’s a boy.”

The couple then welcomed Adriel to the world on September 7, 2021.

“I present to you my Prince Adriel Hassan, born 9/7/2021 9 pounds, 3 ounces and 21 inches, Annie captioned an Instagram photo of her newborn sleeping. “I thank God he took care of me and everything went well.”

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