Are Angela and Michael still together?

A roller-coaster romance! 90 day engagement Star Angela eggs And her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, Is one of the most dramatic relationships in the franchise The couple has been in a long-distance marriage for more than two years, but their social media activity in January and February 2022 spread rumors of a possible divorce. Keep scrolling down to see if they are still together

Angela and Michael started them 90 day engagement Journey In season 2 90 day engagement: 90 days ago After meeting online in 2018. They soon started dating long-distance and recorded their first private meeting in their first season. The couple continues to share their love story in season 3, season 7 90 day engagement And Seasons 5 and 6’s 90 Day Engagement: After Happiness?

The love story of Angela and Michael was tumultuous and they seem to be constantly fighting over the issue of faith. Despite all the drama, the couple got married in January 2020 in a beautiful wedding ceremony in Michael’s native Nigeria. Once Angela returned to Georgia, she applied for a Michael visa in March. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the couple experienced major delays in the process.

However, it was not all married happiness. The couple continued to fight, and one of the biggest arguments between them was caught up in 6 Tell-All Season, which aired in August 2021. During their segment, Michael Aunt Lydia She said Angela should have tried to have children with Michael because of the money spent on weight loss surgery and plastic surgery. Their conversation ended in a screaming match and Angela flashed the camera with her new breasts just after working a boob just a day before filming. Although Angela and Michael’s wedding seemed to hang in the balance after that explosive encounter, they were able to overcome it.

In December 2021, Angela celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas with many of her friends 90 day engagement While the franchise was in Coaster Sean City, Angela was spotted by fans and one of them shared details about what he said during the conversation.

“She and Michael are still together and waiting for her visa. She was [Las Vegas] For birthday, [her daughter] Skyla was there, too, ”Redditter posted along with a photo of her posing with Angela at a casino in Nevada.

That same month, Michael took a rare and heartwarming message to celebrate a special occasion on their shared Instagram account, confirming that they were still getting stronger despite the distance. “I wish my beloved wife a happy birthday. I’m sorry I can’t be there with you to celebrate, but I know I’m counting the minutes until I can. ” 90 day engagement gushed

Unfortunately, rumors of a divorce spread within a month. Prior to joining the show, Michael and Angela had their own separate Instagram accounts. Since becoming a reality TV star, Michael has deactivated her account and Angela has updated her account to become a joint account for her and her husband to share. Michael and Angela continued to share a joint Instagram account for three years, and split rumors spread when Michael reactivated and started using his separate account in January 2022.

Angela Eggs and Michael Ilesanmi are still together
Courtesy of Angela Dim / Instagram

“A human being is a single entity, unique and irreplaceable. You are the change you want to see in the world.” # happynewyear2022, “Michael captioned his first post after reactivating his page on January 29, 2022.

Angela, for her part, changed her Instagram handle to her full name, removing Michael’s name from the account in the process.

On February 1, 2022, Michael continues to add fuel to the breakup rumors when he is seen chatting. 90 day engagement Coaster Uthman “Sojabay” Umar In an Instagram video shared on the wrapper page. Sojaboy and Michael are both from Nigeria, but fans were shocked to see Sojaboy and Angela spend time together after they had previously verbally abused each other.

It seems Angela was upset that Michael was friendly with Sojabay. A day later, she shared a screenshot of her husband and Sojabay via her Instagram story. Adding a smiley emoji to Michael’s face, he wrote in the caption, “Birds flock to feathers.”

The 90-day-old fianc Sojabay claims that Angela left Michael amid rumors of a split
Courtesy Usman Umar / Instagram

“I Love You” rapper re-posted Angela’s story and made several claims about her and her marriage to Michael. “So, this scammer (Angedevil) is now calling me and my innocent brother @its__mrmichael after using him in movies for over four years and using all his money from Cameo to buy a house for himself and still take him to USA and He refused to leave, “Sojabay complained via Instagram Stories. “Michael, don’t worry, I’ll take you to America personally.”

Angela follows by posting a screenshot of a seemingly WhatsApp conversation with Michael through her story. “She is OK. I see [you] Block me at IG, ”he wrote. He wrote in the caption of the post, “Well, I hit a nerve. The truth always comes to the fore. ”

At one point following the play, Michael deleted his Instagram page. For Angela, she regularly posts on social media but has not shared any photos or videos of her husband since November 2021.

While it’s clear that Angela and Michael are on the rocks again, it is 90 day engagement The couple almost split and reconciled several times in the past. Fans will have to wait and see how it unfolds!

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