Are Ben and Mahogany still together?

Is Ben Rathbun And Mahogany Roka Still together? The 90 day engagement: 90 days ago The mahogany is not real and the couple seems to have gone astray in guessing that she is catfishing Ben. After proving that he is not a fake, they seem to have taken one step at a time to make their long-distance relationship work. Keep scrolling down for an update to see if they’re still dating after the camera rolls off.

Ben and Mahogany debuted in Season 5 90 day engagement Spin of Ben Fraser, a 52-year-old divorced Michigan father of four who previously served as executive director of the Michigan Lupus Foundation. He met 24-year-old Mahogany from South America on social media. The couple had been dating for three months when they joined the show and Ben was ready to meet her in person for the first time. But the red flags of their romance were seen almost immediately when Ben’s friends and family speculated that mahogany wasn’t really what he said it might be and that he could be a catfish.

When Ben landed in his native Peru, he added fuel to the fire as he stood at the airport. He was not ready to give up their love, so he arranged a trip to his hometown of San Bartolo, where he invited her to join him on a dinner date. It looked like he would get up a second time after waiting more than an hour at the restaurant, but in the end Mahogany surprised both Ben and the audience.

The couple just didn’t stop it, as their dinner conversation seemed awkward. Ben expressed further concern that Mahogany did not feel the way he did. “I certainly still see her as my future wife but we are definitely at two different levels right now,” Ben said in his confession on the February 20 episode. “My heart is still there, I love her, I want to express it to her but she is not reciprocating. And he’s not the way he was online, he’s not saying ‘I love you’ again and that’s very disturbing. “

Further concerns were raised when Mahogany invited Ben to her apartment, where she arranged a meeting between Ben and his parents. Ben said that when he was talking to Mahogany online, he had previously told her that he lived with his parents and was confused when he showed her around his apartment, where he lived alone. Ben further questioned whether the rent was really a mahogany apartment, as he said he did not seem to know his way around space and no personal photos of him were displayed.

During a conversation with Mahogany’s parents, Ben learned that Mahogany was 22 years old, although he told her he was 24.

The couple suffered a major setback on the road as the romantic couple headed for what should have been their journey in the desert of Huacachina, Peru. After enjoying dinner after a hilly boogie ride, Ben and Mahogany get into a huge fight because he feels his outsiders have been blamed for his failed marriage and past relationship. That night, Ben explained to Mahogany the history of his love in several text messages, and he was upset when he didn’t answer them. The next day, Mahogany invites Ben for breakfast with her and her parents, who also traveled to their hotel in Huakachina. Ben refuses to attend, which annoys Mahogany so much that he leaves Ben behind. He had to pay around US 250 USD for a cab to get back to San Bartolo.

Once he returned to San Bartolo, Ben asked Mahogany to meet him and they seemed to be able to solve their problems, but they seem to have hit another rough patch in the season finale.

Despite the ups and downs, it seems Ben and Mahogany were able to overcome all the problems in their relationship and still be together. On February 23, a Reddit user posted a picture of the pair, which was snapped after they were seen walking together in a mall in the Peruvian capital, Lima. The user added, “They look like a couple.”

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