Are Gino and Jasmine still together?

Aren’t they? 90 day engagement They Gino Palazzolo And Jasmine Pineda Ever since they joined Season 5 of TLC Spinoff, they have been performing big dramas, 90 day engagement: 90 days ago. After Jasmine learns that Gino has sent nude photos of himself to an ex-girlfriend, the couple engage in an explosive fight over what it means for a couple to escape. But can Jasmine forgive Gino after the betrayal? Keep scrolling down to see if Gino and Jasmine are still together.

Gino and Jasmine made their debut in Season 5 90 day engagement: 90 days ago Premiere in December 2021. Michigan resident Jasmine met online and recorded a trip to her native Panama to meet her in person for the first time. The couple seemed to hit it off, but they hit a few rough patches while fighting Jasmine’s jealousy.

While in Panama, engineer Jasmine took a উপ 2,500 vacation to the island of San Jose off the coast of Panama as a Christmas present. During the romantic vacation, Jasmine received several direct messages from Gino’s ex-girlfriend who wanted to warn Jasmine that Gino was communicating with her. After confronting Gino about sending her ex-message, Jasmine exchanges messages with Gino’s ex via DM and the ex reveals that Gino sent her nude photos of Jasmine.

Gino denied it, but then sent a screenshot of the former photos and he finally admitted it. “It simply came to our notice then [me] It rubbed into her, yeah, ”she told him as the American literature teacher began to cry. “But the only time I did it, I was showing him, ‘Look how hot my girlfriend is.'”

“I don’t care if it happens once! I believed [sic] You send those pictures, Gino. I can never believe it [sic] Ever yours, ”he said, weeping as he got up and walked away from her.

Gino apologizes for sending nude photos of Jasmine to his ex-girlfriend. He said in his confession, “If I could get it back, it’s true that I sent topless pictures to my ex Jasmine.” “I sent the pictures in retaliation to show how amazing and great one of my girlfriends is at the moment. This was a huge mistake. Obviously. “

Jasmine later explained that she was “showing off completely.” [her] Gino sent her ex in the “breast” photo. He then started a conversation with Gino’s ex, who sent Jasmine a screenshot of his conversation with Gino. In the messages, which appeared onscreen, Gino told his ex that Jasmine “would go crazy if she mentioned anything about the ex.” [sic]Another message read, “If I mention a woman’s name, she’s very jealous.” Jasmine learned that Gino had sent her ex-messages while she was sleeping on their island vacation.

The brunette beauty then walks over to her and Gino’s hotel room and confronts her, which turns into an explosive, thud. “Shut your king’s mouth!” In a scene aired during the February 6 episode, he interrupted while trying to apologize. He also confronts Gino about his past as a “Sugar Daddy” and admits to paying “Sugar Babies” anywhere from $ 200 to $ 250 to go on a dinner date with him before he meets Jasmine – something he learned from his ex.

90-day fiance Jasmine shares updates about her kids in a long-distance romance Gino Palazzolo

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda

“I’m sorry, I’m not a sugar daddy. I like to do three, four, five, six, seven. I can accept poverty, but it’s frustrating because men like you take advantage of women who need it, ”Jasmine was outraged at the February 20 episode. “And if I’m going to date a Sugar F-King Daddy, if that could be my business, I’m not interested – look at me. And I know. I’ll find Sugar Daddy that Sugar Daddy’s Sugar Daddy. King is not a crazy old man, lonely and frustrated from Michigan. Give me a break. “

It seemed like everything was over for good but after spending the night, Jasmine and Gino went for a walk on the beach the next morning, where she sincerely apologized to the brunette beauty. He accepted her apology and promised that something like this would never happen again and they quickly reunited in the February 27 episode.

Unfortunately, this was not the end of their blowout fight. In the March 27 episode, Jasmine starts arguing with Gino during their last dinner before returning to Michigan. The Panama local said he learned via social media that his ex-wife still uses his last name, and he felt that his ex-wife’s last name should be changed from her first name because the title Palazzolo should now be included.

Where they stand now after filming, Gino and Jasmine still seem to be together although they seem to be busy on the long haul as they wait for Jasmine’s K-1 visa. They shared pictures of each other’s love via Instagram as their season aired. They took to Instagram on Friday, April 1 to announce that they welcomed a new addition to their family – an adorable baby rabbit!

90 day engagement: 90 days ago TLC airs Monday at 8 pm ET.

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