Are Kobe and Emily still together?

Already finished? Emily And KobeIts an upcoming star 90 day engagement Season 9, the trailer couldn’t keep away from each other, but things could end up between the two.

Kobe, 34, and Kansas Native haven’t posted each other on their Instagram accounts since 2019, however, the two still follow each other.

The couple first met in the Chinese city of Xian, during a wild night, and conceived their son, Koban. Emily, 29, gave birth to her first child in July 2019 while she was still in China. Shortly afterwards, Emily and Coban returned to Kansas without Kobe. Once the Kovid epidemic hit, it delayed Cameroon’s indigenous visas by two years, leaving Emily to raise her son on her own.

Dad was from Africa, Mom was from America, and Kobane was from China. I love my little family so much”, Emily captioned her August 2019 Instagram photo, first introducing her son to the internet.

“Oh. Made in China, hmm I like it made in China, “Kobe commented.

'90 Day Engagement 'Are Kobe and Emily still together?  Inside their long-distance relationship
Courtesy of Emily / Instagram

During the upcoming season, when the couple reunited at the airport, Kobe made a negative comment about her appearance. After Emily almost flinched at how well she looked, Kobe did nothing but return the favor. “She’s changed. She’s gained weight, but not with what she looks like,” he said

Fans have embarrassed one’s father in a comment on a First Look video posted on the official 90-day betrothed Instagram account. “She is OK [thumbs down emoji] Shame on him, “commented an Instagram user.

While visiting her family, a male member of Emily’s family told her it was best not to have her 2nd child pregnant. Looks like she might have spoken too early because Kobe and Emily were seen waiting for the results of the pregnancy test. One advantage store.

“I can’t even believe we’re having a pregnancy test right now,” she told Kobe while opening a test kit.

Emily posted promo photos of the two on her Instagram account on Friday, April 8th. “I can’t wait to see the show, I guess it’s going to be fun,” Kobe shouted in the comments.

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