Are Martin and Steven still together?

Martin Fortune And Steven Blackett Season 1 of Discovery + debuted on their reality TV Love in Heaven: The Caribbean, a 90 Day Story. After dating for three years, Martin struggled with big faith issues after they started dating and caught Steven with nude photos of another woman. Keep reading to see if Martin and Steven are still together!

Martin, a native of Miami, met a DJ from St. Thomas, Barbados while on a cruise with his friends. Immediately after finding the chemistry on the dance floor, the two formed a long-distance relationship with Martin, taking several trips to the island to visit Steven.

Steven’s job in the nightlife will be a big obstacle for the couple. The couple initially fought with faith as Steven confessed to cheating on Martin shortly after their relationship began.

The tropical-themed spin-off followed Martin as he traveled to Barbados in hopes of furthering their connection with an engagement party. However, after a suspicious text on Steven’s phone gave rise to a big argument, it proves that the two did not work through their problems perfectly.

Martin told the producers in a confession, “I’ve been trying to overcome his deception for two years, but I’m honestly fighting it.” “But I think it’s time to forgive Steven. And actually forgive him. Otherwise I will have to get out of this relationship. ”

'90 Day Engagement 'star Martin and Steven are still together?
Courtesy of Steven Blackett / Instagram

With the season ending with Steven Martin buying an engagement ring and planning a romantic beach proposal, this was not the right time for the locals in Barbados to pop the question – and surprisingly, Martin agreed.

“I’m glad you thought about it twice,” Martin explained to Steven on the show. “Because I also realized, like, we’re not there at the moment, we’re not there yet.”

Eventually the two realized they needed to work through problems of trust, the next step in the relationship being living in the same country. Appearing in an episode of it 90 days all bares After the series ended, Steven told Host Shawn Robinson That he’s “working on it” about moving to Miami permanently to stay with Martin.

Looks like the couple solved their problem because the pair officially dropped out of the corridor! In contact The couple confirmed in December 2021 that they tied the knot on August 12, 2021 at a wedding in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.

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