Are Mike and Jimena still together?

Is 90 day engagement They Mike Burke And Jimena Morales Still together? Mike and Gimena are engaged in a very romantic proposal, but the trailer for the upcoming episode of February 20 90 day engagement: 90 days ago Season 5 irritates problems in heaven for couples. Keep scrolling below for Mike and Jimner updates today after filming!

Mike and Jimena made their debut in Season 5 90 day engagement: 90 days ago In December 2021. Mike is a 34-year-old IT support technician and volunteer firefighter from Thiels, New York. He admits that he didn’t have much luck in the love department all his life and last time he had a serious girlfriend in high school. Since he wasn’t getting many dates through the dating app in his area, he changed his location and moved to Colombia – and almost immediately joined Jimenez.

Gimena is a 24-year-old manicurist and single mother of two young children. Mike has recorded his travels from the United States to his hometown of Pereda, Colombia, to meet him in person for the first time. Although the couple seemed to have hit it off, they faced a number of problems: such as Jimina’s privacy that her tubes were tied and she could no longer have children, or when she was confronted with Mike about her bad habits such as passing gas and leaving dirty clothes. Was done. The floor

Fans were also skeptical of the Colombian beauty as she revealed that Mike was paying her rent and bought furniture and appliances for her apartment as they were dating. Many felt that he was not in the relationship for the right reasons and was only using her for her money.

The couple seemed to overcome their obstacles and on the last night of Mike’s trip, he prepared a romantic setting for his proposal. He raised the question at a dinner surrounded by Jimena’s children and close family members, and of course he said yes.

However, it seems that it was not all happiness after all. In the February 20 episode, Mike expressed his concerns about his new fianc after returning to the kingdom. Mike told his father and grandfather, “Something seems to be going on with Jimena, she’s going a little too far.”

“Are you still sending him money?” Mike’s father asked. “She wants to get some growth for her breasts. She’s asking me to pay for it,” Mike replied.

Mike’s father responded with his advice, “I think it should be stopped.”

Mike said in his confession, “Jimena has not been behaving like herself lately so I have to go back to Colombia.” Once he arrives, Jimena treats him coldly and restlessly.

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Warning! Below are the main spoilers

Although the couple appears to be splitting up on the show, they have also spread rumors of a breakup online in real time. As of February 14, both Mike and Jimena listed each other’s handles with heart-eye emoji on their Instagram profiles but they removed it just three days later.

The removal was due to a breakup rumor because Ximena apparently uploaded and immediately deleted a TikTok with someone who didn’t look like Mike. In the clip, which was saved and reposted 90 day engagement Blogger John YatesA series of photos and videos of Jimena and the dark haired mystery man were played on screen and set to a romantic Spanish-language song titled “Jack Mate” by Juans.

Gimena quickly released a statement addressing the post. “They have uploaded a fake video which is circulating on social networks. Someone stole my account and uploaded fake things, “he wrote in a deleted Instagram Stories post.

On February 21, when he posted a picture of his new tattoo – a design of Stitch and Angel characters from the 2002 Disney film – nail technology began to add fuel to rumors of a breakup. Lilo and sewing, Inside his wrist. The tattoo was seen on the same wrist where he had previously tattooed Mike’s name, since he showed the ink via TikTok in September 2020. The new part seems to be a coverup of Mike Monica.

About a week after the breakup speculation, a source said exclusively In contact Mike and Jimena have been separated for less than a year since their engagement and are still not together.

90 day engagement: 90 days ago TLC airs on Sundays at 8 pm ET.

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