Atlanta rapper Archie Eversol has died at the age of 37

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Rapper Archie Eversol has died at the age of 37, sources have confirmed Magic ATL On wednesday

Eversol was best known for the 2002 single “We Ready” from his gold album Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style. The song is still played at sports events and commercials in various stadiums across the country.

The cause of death was not immediately known. However, a secret source said that Eversol was shot during a dispute with a family member.

Eversol has embraced the Atlanta United soccer team with enthusiasm. In 2018, Eversole released a theme “United We Conquer” for Atlanta United.

Fans of the party paid homage to him on social media on Wednesday.

ESPN’s Brandon Caldwell Tweet:

“Rip … Archie Eversol, an enterprising rapper who has created a song and music that will survive and still exist throughout South and Atlanta.”

RIP post

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