B. Simon reveals that she had an abortion: I made the best decision for me

B. Simon

B. Simone reveals that she had an abortion: I made the best decision for me at the time [VIDEO]

B. Simon No one thinks why he is living in the truth!

April 12, 32 years old B. Simon Uploaded a snippet of the latest episode of her podcast “Know for sure” on her IG page. During the heartbreaking video clip, B. Simon And his best friend / podcast co-founder, Megan BrooksRevealed that the “Wild ‘N Out” star had an abortion before

At the beginning of the short video B. Simon Apparently nothing sticks and does not share,

“The truth is, I had an abortion.”

The two friends then discussed the experience for them. During their chat, B. Simon I learned that for the first time Megan Brooks Initially did not agree with the decision of abortion. Megan Brooks Said

“I didn’t grow up with the idea that abortion was a good thing, and I was very judgmental about who did it.”

B. Simon Replied,

“I didn’t know it. I didn’t know it.”

Megan Brooks Continue and add that despite her own beliefs, she wanted to be there for her friend no matter what.

“I did not want him to feel guilty [or] Nothing but the whole time, I was so broken by it. ”

After the video clip went viral, B. Simon An IG added to his story via comment and wrote,

“I was scared, I was Embarrassed to go to the clinic but I do not regret. I made the best decision for me then and now I choose to walk in my truth and share my journey. My journey is not perfect but I am honest and I love the woman I am becoming. Women walk in your truth and grow every day.

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