‘Bad Boys’ director Michael Bay says Sony doesn’t believe the film should be acted

Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Michael Bay

‘Bad Boys’ director Michael Bay says Sony doesn’t believe the film should feature two black actors: they didn’t believe it

Michael Bay Details are being shared about what it takes to create the critically acclaimed “Bad Boys” series.

In a recent interview, the famed filmmaker opened up about the difficulty of shooting the first “Bad Boys” film, without the support from the film’s producers. The action film, which premiered in 1995, stars Will Smith53, and Martin Lawrence, 56, as two Miami-dead drug detectives. While chatting about movies recently, Michael Bay, 57, recalls Sony’s initial reaction to the casting of two black actors for the lead role. He said:

“Sony didn’t believe in the movie because the two black actors don’t sell abroad. They had no faith in it. “

Martin Lawrence, T. Leoni, Michael Bay, Will Smith

He continued:

“I was watching James Cameron’s ‘True False’ and I thought, oh, my God, this guy has so much money. I only have 9 million. And they literally shut me down. “

Michael Then share how Sony literally stopped powering the set while production was going on, letting the crew know how much they mistrusted the film. According to him, Network Axis did not think that two black actors could bring success at the box office, especially in foreign markets. However, the director of “Transformers” said that he knew very well how to handle the situation. He said:

“Fortunately I had 500 days of film set experience with videos, commercials, working with some of the world’s most famous athletes, and that’s where you really know how to deal with donkeys.”

Despite being devalued by Sony, “Bad Boys” grossed a total of 141 million worldwide and has been greenlit for two sequels, grossing more than $ 840 million in three films.

Work on the fourth installment of the film is said to be underway. However, later Will Smith Due to the recent defeat at the Oscars, the movie was allegedly stopped with an uncertain future.

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