Bad character Amy Schumer at Louis CK’s Grammy: ‘It doesn’t look good. I think so

The slap in the face has given us so much. We have seen that black Twitter has leaked their receipts to Zoe Kravitz. We’ve seen white women focus on the play, as Will Smith slapped them all in person. We’ve seen that the Academy didn’t even get their Ziki stories live for 72 hours after the Oscars. We’ve seen that the comedy world has expressed concern about the idea of ​​feeling “unsafe” for telling insulting jokes, while the same comedy world has refused to say sh-t about Louis C. winning a Grammy. Hopefully, we’ve got something more special: Amy Schumer torpedoes her own comeback.

A few days after the Oscars, Schumer posted a promo for his latest show, saying that he was “still triggered and traumatized” by slaps and slaps. “I’m still stunned and stunned and sorry.” Less than a week after the slap, Schumer returned to standup and repeatedly referred to Will Smith as “Ali” and the heinous jokes he claimed were censored by the producer, including a sarcastic joke about Alec Baldwin killing Halina Hutchins. Said. Well, keep counting. He was on Watch What Happens Live this week and addressed allegations of piracy (he stole Nicole Conlan’s jokes at the Oscars) and more.

What happened when Will Smith won Best Actor: “I’ll just say: I was backstage, and I knew I had to go out … and it really felt like a comedy situation room. We were all just watching the monitor, and then he won … everyone was on the floor. Things. And I was just wondering, what would I do when I got there?

He denies stealing DiCaprio’s jokes, saying “he did a lot to fight climate change and leave a clean, green planet for his girlfriends.” “Okay. Okay, I mean, I wasn’t on Twitter personally,” Schumer said when asked about stealing the joke. “I let my assistant do it so I could survive and not kill myself.” Also, that joke was written by Sully McCullo. But I thank you, always, for making sure I don’t start stealing. Stolen a joke? ‘ And I didn’t say, and it was ‘It’s true.’ So, everyone is just cold. It’s crazy. I’m funny enough, I don’t need to steal. “

He donated his Oscar check: Schumer said he donated 15 15,000 to his planned parents to host the Oscars.

What did he think of Louis C. winning the Grammy: “I do not think so. Not feeling well. I don’t think so. “

[From Variety]

That’s right- this is one of the few comedians who has ever talked about Louis C. But he had a lot to say about “Ali” and how the slap triggered and traumatized him, yet when he was asked about a sex predator in the comedy world he could just say “it doesn’t feel good”? A man who tried to ruin his career? Again, people are actually noticing a huge difference in the response to “Oscar slap” versus everything else. The message is loud and clear: Sexual predators, rapists, harassers and violent misogynists will always have a place of entertainment. Men who slap adult men in a woman’s chaotic defense will have no place.

Oh, and its absolutely a joke to stop stealing.

Photo courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar.

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