Bad character Appears on Prince William Cate Blanchett’s ‘Climate of Change’ podcast

Prince William is a man of zero emotion. He’s angry and constantly tormented by anger, but does that really suggest an emotional man or a moodless, immature, insecure bully? I thought about this too. One could argue that William’s true passion is for power, but even then, I doubt he knows what he will do if he gets power. I was reminded of William’s lack of emotion when I tried to listen to a few minutes of his interview. Climate of change, A podcast co-hosted by Cate Blanchett and Danny Kennedy I didn’t know Kate co-hosted a podcast about climate change, but we’re here. Kate is involved with Williams’ EarthShot (Kinshot) and that’s why William was invited to this post to talk about the environment and EarthShot. Curious time, isn’t it? It was obviously pre-recorded, probably even a few weeks ago. Was it really time to get out just before the Invictus Games? And doesn’t William think his podcast interview is destroying the monarchy? Oh, wait, I guess the podcasting is a slap in the face to Harry and Meghan.

Prince William talks about climate change – with Cate Blanchett! He was a guest on the new melodic podcast series Climate of Change with Royal Cate Blanchett and Danny Kennedy, where he sat down with hosts at a solar-powered recording studio in London to discuss the importance of preserving the environment.

Prince William says his connection to the natural world began “at a very young age”, with David Attenborough crediting the documentary as well as his grandfather Prince Philip and father Prince Charles for introducing him to the outside world.

“I think my interest and my curiosity have been created because of the deep passion and interest of both my grandfather and my father in this area for many years,” he said. “So growing up, I was surrounded by this kind of adventure and the idea of ​​exploring the garden and staying out. I spent hours climbing trees, digging holes and digging all sorts of things, hiding in holes and all sorts of things in the garden, so I preferred to stay out in the wild and wet. “

Prince William, 39, recalls his time in Kenya to learn from experts about wildlife and environmental challenges in his spare time before attending St Andrews University.

Blanchett also asked William about his hopes for his Earthshot Award, which aims to promote effective approaches to some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. In October, five groundbreaking projects were each inaugurated with a 1.3 million prize.

“It seems that you are quite optimistic that we may be able to imagine our path and plan our course and work out a way out of what seems to be a crisis,” Blanchett said. William replied, “Coinage [Costa Rican diplomat] Christiana Figueroa’s phrase, ‘stubbornly optimistic’ – I think at the moment I feel something where I am. He gave me a lot of hope that it could happen, and I believe I saw it with my own eyes – it’s really inspiring, it’s really hopeful. “

[From People]

I’m including the video below, which is basically a sedative. I mean, I’m sure there are some people who can’t wait to hear from William, again, about how his grandparents inspired him to be a staunch environmentalist today. It’s also clear that William will do anything to promote his own environmental credentials, from boring-ass documentaries to boring-ass kinshot photos-upsto boring-ass People magazine cover to annoying-ass podcast interviews. After all this interest, he boarded a private jet and went on his ski vacation.

Photos courtesy of ‘Climate of Change’ audible podcasts, as well as photos from Ted Talk / EarthShot and People magazine.

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