Bad character Avril Lavigne & Mod Sun is engaged in Paris, her ring is a

Because I don’t pay close attention to Avril Lavin, I had no idea she had been dating Mod Sun for almost a year. They were together at the Grammys and when she chatted with Laverne Cox on the red carpet, she talked about how happy she was with him and she seemed so feminine! Avril is 37 years old and she is already married and has twice divorced Derrick Weebley and Chad Kroger. Ah, good time. I suspect that Avril is one of those J.Lo kind of women, in love with love and always ready for some romantic drama. Anyway, Avril and Mod Sun are now engaged! They were in Paris before the Grammys and he proposed, then they went to the Grammys and didn’t tell anyone about the engagement, and now we’re here. Avril gave an exclusive interview to People.

Avril Lavin got engaged to fellow pop-punk rocker Maud Sun on March 27 in Paris, the couple announced on Instagram on Thursday.

“It was the most perfect, romantic offer I could ever ask. We were in Paris on a boat on the Seine River. We had a violinist, champagne and roses. It seemed like time stood still, and at the moment we were both,” , 37, said the people exclusively proposed.

Mod, 35, popped the question with a custom-designed, heart-shaped ring in a royal setting with a small heart of XIV karate from Beverly Hills. “It has the word ‘high icon’ engraved on it, which is the first word he said to me. And inside it is Mod + Avril, ”says Lavigne. “She knew in that look that I wanted a heart-shaped diamond, because the day we met, we matched the heart-shaped ripe rings. Since then we’ve been wearing them every day, so having a heart-shaped engagement ring is the only fit I love it. “

Lavigne said the offer was “absolutely wonderful,” knowing that he was the one.

“I knew we had a very strong irresistible connection from the first week of writing and working together in the studio. Immediately, “said Lavigne, who met Mode while working on her latest album, Love Sax. “She is OK. It seemed like I knew him forever. Things get better over time and it feels incredibly normal. “

Now the pop-punk power couple can’t wait to plan their lives together. “I’m looking forward to having fun, creating, working together, traveling together, growing up together,” Lavigne added. “It’s nice to have someone who can help you celebrate good times, hold you through hard times and be there for all the moments.”

[From People]

All right! Good for them. They seem happy and I’m glad he really planned a romantic proposal in Paris, on a boat, violin and rose and so on. It sounds beautiful. The heart-shaped diamond ring… well, I think it’s a bit twi, but I think Avril is a bit twi, so it fits her vibe. Congratulations to them! (It’s true that she has an orange manicure for her engagement photos … wow.)

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