Bad character Brad Pitt thinks the clock is ticking until Angelina’s baby

Angelina Jolie Seen in Atlanta In recent weeks, he has been spotted on the campus of one of America’s best HBCU Spellman colleges. It is believed that Angelina is likely to be touring with her daughter Zahara, who turned 17 in January. In my generation, it would make Zahara a high school junior and she would not apply to college until next year. But if you tell me that Zahara is advanced and ready to graduate this summer, I will believe you. I brought it up because Jolie-Pitt’s kids are growing up and yet their parents are still fighting for custody. Undoubtedly, Tim Pete found another story in our weekly:

To fight Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are still far from agreeing to custody of their children – and no one is planning to back down.

The 58-year-old Manibal actor “lamented to friends” about the ongoing legal drama, a source exclusively published in the new issue of our weekly. Pete thinks the 46-year-old social worker “will never agree to joint custody and the clock will tick until the children are 18,” the insider claims.

The Oklahoma natives are under the impression that his ex-wife expects the children to “not want to do anything” with her when they get older, according to the source. However, insiders tell us, “Brad won’t give up the fight.”

[From Us Weekly]

Brad laments to “friends” that Angelina “the clock ticks off until the kids are 18,” huh. Well, at least Angelina has a strategy! Brad’s strategy revolves around merging ex-partners with judges and abusing his ex-wife at every turn. I honestly believe that Angelina’s main strategy was to draw this whole thing. But over the years, Brad has disbanded him in many ways, turning it into a full-fledged fight for justice. And let’s be fair with Angelina, she’s not the only slow-moving thing. Brad always blames her for “running out of time,” but more often than not, we see Angelina’s all legal ducks in a row, and Brad and his lawyers are moving at a glacier pace. Anyway, good luck to Spellman Zahara, if he ends up there.

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