Bad character Brown: Kate Middleton has always turned to ‘coach’ Carroll for tactics

It’s amazing to me how Middleton headquarters left their fingerprints on Tina Brown’s The Palace paper. A wise journalist would enjoy access and then write another thought-provoking book about Middleton’s PR Shenanigan and how strictly they push certain narratives. But instead, throughout Kate’s relationship with Prince William, our Carol Middleton continues to be the stage-managing and Kate’s “trainer.” Brown credits Carroll’s conspiracy with the transformation of Kate’s large university in St. Andrews, and Brown summarizes the mother-daughter dynamics as follows:

Carol Middleton is commonly referred to as a cross between Jane Austen’s Mrs. Bennett and sitcom social climber Hyacinth Bucket… neither model is accurate. Carroll has considerable tactical skills. Whenever Kate was bleeding in the ring, she returned to Buckleberry, where coach Carol would heal her wounds, advise her to move, and ask her to keep an eye on the prize.

[From Tina Brown’s The Palace Papers]

I’m uncomfortable with the description of Kate being “bloody in the ring” and need to wear her scarf, because … the imagery is really annoying. We don’t know what really happened to William and Kate’s wedding, but we have been told repeatedly that William is full of rage and he yells at everyone. There has even been talk of how William kept Kate in “a brief bite.” It comes down to a section dedicated to Kate and Carroll’s steps in those early years of Will and Kate’s university relationship. At Will’s 21st birthday party, Brown credits Kate for giving William “a lot of attention” to Craig (when Kate was very upset). They then see how Kate chased the other women:

Kate’s warning: Not that he wasn’t quietly alert. “Kate has said goodbye to everyone,” a member of her circle told me. “I mean, anyone who has had anything in the past, or attended parties where he would cast a glance, cruise across the room and say ‘hi’, picked up one by one in the crosshairs.”

Kate was constantly trained by Carroll: Whenever their romance gained momentum, he would return to Bucklebury for a strategy session with Carroll …

Last year of their university: The fourth year in St. Andrews was a dangerous way for Middleton-Wales communication… the environment was turbulent. William was behaving like Prince. How could anything other than a man in the second row of the throne be distorted in a disguise he did not even recognize? Michael Chung, a rugby friend who visited the couple, told Andrew Morton that William “could have flip and Kurt with him … he hoped Kate would run after him and hold him as long as they knew each other.” It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. ” Carol advised “give him a place.” During the weekend, Kate left campus for Bucklebury and worked on her dissertation …

[From Tina Brown’s The Palace Papers]

There seems to be some truth in Michael Chung’s statement. I believe that Will and Kate’s basic dynamics – she hopes he’ll be at her beck and call, she’s expecting him to be a dormitory, and whenever she treats him particularly rude, she has to run to her mom for advice. And the mother told him to hold it, to do whatever he could to keep the boat from rocking, to subdue himself in any way necessary for the prince to land. In addition to all this, Kate took it upon herself to chase any other woman that could ask for this angry, horrible “reward.”

In this same section, Brown even mentions the names of some of the women who fascinated William, such as Isabella Anstruther-Goff-Calthorpe. William “was fascinated by her but Isabella was very beautiful and well connected to find the trouble of being his lover.” Again, the message is clear but Brown refuses to underline it.

Photo courtesy of Avalon Red, WENN and Backgrid.

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