Bad character Brown: Prince Harry wanted to make a quick offer to Meghan so she could get it

As I mentioned, I started reading Palace papers By Tina Brown, only because A) it’s my job and B) I was interested to see if the book was anti-Sussex indicates Brown’s interviews. Well, as a longtime royal-gossip consumer, I must say that I was already somewhat surprised at how shady Brown was about the Duchess of Cambridge, especially during the Veti years. That being said, it tells me something that the biggest stories that have come out of this nonsense book are all about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They are not a side show! Harry and Meghan are the biggest money-makers for biographers and media outlets and it shows. However, there is a quote from here Palace papers Why did Harry offer Meghan so “fast”:

According to Brown, the Windsor brothers were at odds over the pace of Harry’s relationship with Meghan. “

“A person close to the Duke of Cambridge told me that William thought he should have more time to make a living in the UK and make friends who did not always have confidence in the palace,” Brown wrote. “It was tough enough for Kate, but Meghan was a glamorous actress who would be the first woman to join the royal family, which would add a lot of stress.” Nor will he be strong enough to handle his own problems. “

Still, Harry’s response to William’s concern about Meghan’s adjustment to pressure was to move quickly. Brown writes, “To sum up Harry’s reaction to his brother’s concern, I have been told, ‘Well, the best way I can save him is to marry him as soon as possible, because if I marry him as soon as possible, then the police.’ Get security. ‘

[From Town & Country]

Ah, Harry is definitely too fragile to handle a serious relationship. Despite what Brown and other royal reporters had said Harry and William had during their big fall it was absolutely. It was at this point that William began trying to dissuade Harry from seriously committing himself to a black woman. I believe it was close to the time when William suggested that Harry should not marry Meghan because their children would be “colored”. William is not only racist AF, but also manipulative and hateful.

Brown also addressed g-ddamn crying-at-the-bridesmaid’s-dress-fitting, writing: “Best guess: they both had faults that day.” Again, I should emphasize how much Brown has used Middleton sources and those Middleton sources are concerned that if pushed, Meghan will release her “receipts,” meaning an apology note from Kate. The Middletoners started the F-King “Megan Kate cried” The story in the first place and it exploded in their faces. Now they have changed their story by emphasizing that both women were crying.

Brown also wrote Palace papers That Harry and Meghan were “fascinated” with each other at first, which is a bad thing because obviously, the only way to have a royal romance is to wait ten years because a prince repeatedly cheats on you. Brown then became completely racist, saying that Harry liked Meghan because he didn’t come from his “narrow circle” and that he “There was a species he didn’t encounter. Harry was fired not only because of Meghan’s beauty and politeness, but also because of the way he controlled his own life.” Yes, Tina Brown actually wrote that Meghan was a different “breed”. I can’t.

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