Bad character Duchess Kate is not worried about ‘The Crown’: ‘Her image is perfect’

One of the things I enjoy about sorting Of the Crown The role of Lady Diana Spencer is that they showed that Prince Charles first dated Diana’s older sister and they showed that Diana was coming to Charles shortly after the assassination of Lord Mountbatten, which really happened. Things about The crown In the sixth season, Kate is introduced to Middleton. No one knows when Kate first threw herself in the way of Prince William. We are all familiar with this “Friends at the university, then Kate catwalked her in a beautiful dress.” Story. Most biographers, however, say that Kate met William before university, probably when he was at Marlborough College and William Eaton. They probably met before he decided to chase her around the world in the space of a year. He also changed universities because he wanted to make himself harder on his way. I came up with all this because some friends say Kate “won’t worry” about her portrayal in the Crown. Girl, I don’t know …

Kate Middleton will not ‘think’ about casting her character in The Crown because her ‘image is perfect’, claims a former royal butler.

Netflix producers are looking for a ‘stunning’ actress who could play a young Duchess of Cambridge in the sixth season of the historical drama. And while the firm may be wary of the show, which is known for bending information that fits its description, Kate, now 40, ‘doesn’t have to worry too much about it’, claims Grant Harold.

Grant, who served as a butler for Prince Charles from 2004 to 2011, is right! Magazine: ‘Kate doesn’t have to worry too much, her PR and image are perfect. There is nothing perfect about him.

‘At the end of the day, it’s PR. Some bit historical and some bit drama – the palace was always interested in reminding people it was drama. It will be positive. So they can see it as good PR. There will be an interest for them and he will probably face the actress playing his character at some point in an event.

[From The Daily Mail]

Because on opposite days at the palace, Camp Middleton is somewhat worried that they’re going to be the secret villains of The Crown Season 6. Can you even imagine that they could cast someone as Carol Middleton? At the moment it is almost a Shakespearean role. And what if The crown Not the edged and sugary cover story until the actual history? That Kate changed universities, that she tried to follow William in her spare time, that she and her mother had a big plan to capture a prince? LMAO, suddenly Prince Charles Middleton is about to get a backup when he launches a campaign against Netflix later this year.

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