Bad character Duchess Kate wears a self-portrait with Princess Anne for her big event

Princess Anne and the Duchess of Cambridge went out yesterday for their big joint event. This is the first time that Ann and Kate have had an event together (only two of them) and it only happened because their two sponsors intersected. Annie is a patron of the Royal College of Midwives and she has been a patron for twenty years. Kate is a patron of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a patronage that was handed to her in 2018. Although I vaguely remember one or two zooms and some engagements involving a magazine, he didn’t do much with it.

Kate wore self portraits and it looks new to me. It retails for £ 400. I’m grateful for the lack of visible buttons, but I suspect that Kate’s messy dressing is starting to look like a hack-a-mole game. As soon as you manage to free Kate from the buttons, she wants to sew a puffy sleeve or a stiff papilla or, in this case, a kind of huge decorative pineapple. The skirt is too long, but I think Kate called for Ann to be too conservative for her event. Anne would have dropped her riot work if Kate wore some flannel, twirly miniskirt and flashed all the midwives and gynecologists. “Would you like to see the royal beaver?” Kate asked them as she flapped her jazz hand.

Judging only from the photos, I think the event was okay. Ann and Kate don’t seem to be involved and Ann was surprised that she and Kate were given flowers, but it was okay. I imagine how we get a lot of stories like Kate is basically “learning” from The Princess Royal and Kate Ann, and so on. Perhaps they’ll say something about how Ann is helping Kate “grow into her role.” Call me if you tried to copy Kate Ann and started wearing tweed since the 1970s.

Photo courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar.

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