Bad character Duchess Kate will probably be the honorary colonel of Grenadier

The Duchess of Cambridge is a lover of copying and cosplay. He loves to cosplay and Dapiana to kopkin. He likes to copy the Duchess of Sussex. He loves to play flags. But one of her favorite undercover items is a button-down military uniform. She loooooves So many buttons, tassels and shoulder pads! He simply adores it. So it is a little strange that during her nearly eleven years of marriage she was never given military patronage. He has never been treated with respect by any department. Of course, he hands over the shamrocks to the Irish guards on St. Patrick’s Day, but this is not a formal patronage or anything else. Well, now it looks like Kate Prince will take over one of Andrew’s now-abandoned military patronage. And Kate may even be given an event from the Queen:

The Duchess of Cambridge is set to become the next colonel in the Grenadier Guard, replacing Prince Andrew, who stripped her of her military title in January. Kate, 40, will be the regiment’s first female colonel in 80 years since becoming queen, followed by Princess Elizabeth in 1942. The royal colonel will usually attend the medal parade, the ceremony in the presence of the queen, and the regiment. Assembly, dinner and glass.

The revelation came as the Duchess lined up to stand for the Queen at the Sovereign Parade at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. A senior royal source confirmed: “This is being taken seriously.”

Catherine Salam will receive a fitting tribute to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in one of the remaining two passing-out parades this year, and will have personal significance for the Duchess, as Prince William graduated from the famous Military Academy in 2006 as an officer.

Kate attends the military ceremony with Prince William, the colonel of the Irish Guard, and she hand over the traditional St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks to him at the Medal Parade and the Irish Guard Regimental Event. He also saluted the House Division. Beating Retreat at the Horse Guard Parade in London. Many members of the royal family have military experience, but there is no need to appoint a regiment colonel.

The Sandhurst role would be a strong indication that Kate would soon be given an honorary military role, such as colonel-in-chief of a regiment. The Queen is involved in the election of the Colonel.

[From The Daily Mail]

The location of the Grenadier Guards has been rumored for months, and the Grenadier Guards have wanted Kate for some time. I don’t know why, because even though he likes buttons and military cosplay, he likes to be more lazy. If and when the guards get Kate as their patron, she could probably go a few years into the event for them. So good luck to them. For an attendance or event at Sandhurst … I mean, Kate is setting foot in an event that the Queen would normally accept. But one must have wondered why William – a Sandhurst graduate – would not be asked to do so.

Image courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar and Backgrid.

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