Bad character Engaged by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, he gave her a ring

OMG it’s happening, Jay Lovers! Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are really engaged. Re-employed. Second engagement! Let’s hope Ben doesn’t confuse it for us. As I said last week, this is the one year anniversary of Ben and Jello coming back together. It is understandable to me that they will consciously wait a year for the engagement. Of course, I also think Ben proposed a while ago, maybe a few weeks ago? I wonder why he waited to announce it. But he announced it.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are ready to get married! The couple – who rekindled their romance last year – have been hired, a Lopez representative confirmed to People. Lopez shared the news on his On the JLO newsletter just days after he was photographed wearing an engagement ring earlier this week.

He published the exciting update in an email to his inner circle on Friday evening. The message for fans included a clip of Lopez praising a huge, green stone in a silver band on her ring finger, an image of which her sister Linda also shared on social media.

The “If You Had My Love” singer once said in a previous newsletter that green would be his favorite color. “I realize there are many moments in my life where amazing things happen when I wear green,” she shared. “Maybe you can think of a certain green dress.”

Lopez teased the “main announcement” with a video on Twitter that night. “So I have a really exciting and special story to share …” Lopez told his followers. He also added a diamond ring emoji to his Twitter handle.

[From People]

Yes, he was thrilled to announce it. I can’t believe he announced it on his OnTheJLo site for True-Blue J.Lovers. He is such a cheeseball. However, this time, Ben got him a green stone. Jane obviously knows all about green these days and she recently realized that green brings her good luck (for me it’s blue and red) and whenever she wears green, good things happen to her. For stones … of course green diamonds exist, and many of them have that pale green color in their rings. But I’m wondering if it’s a different kind of stone. Perhaps a peridot? His birth month is August, and Peridot is the birthstone of August. No one is sure, but if it is a green diamond, Ben has spent a lot for it. (Note: I’m actually starting to suspect that this is a green diamond.)

Photo courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid, Instagram.

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