Bad character Frampy Duchess Kate felt ‘disappointed’ when she got Meghan’s style

I started reading Tina Brown’s Palace papers Last night. I started with the Kate Middleton section because I didn’t want to spend the whole evening reading about Camilla and Charles (I got the horse summary). It’s still early, but I can say with absolute certainty that Camp Middleton has a deep brown source. Even the way Carol Middleton is mentioned earlier, the way Brown talks about her daughter’s relationship with Carol Stage-Management, it is quite clear that Brown is choosing to ignore certain things in an attempt to highlight Kate’s long-slog marathon to capture a prince. I’ll give Brown some unprepared credit for making it clear that “Landing William” was a joint project between mother and daughter, something they both wanted, and Kate obviously needed her mummy’s help the whole time.

With all that careful planning, all those years of Diana’s careful stage management and cosplaying… and as Meghan got closer, everything was blown away. Meghan Kate looks old-fashioned, naughty and annoying. This can be seen immediately by comparing their style and how smoothly Kate started to cope with Meghan. This was also a joint effort of Carol and Kate.

In The Palace Papers, published April 26, author Tina Brown talks about Kate Middleton’s apparent “long and hard work” to become a “style icon” and how upset she was when the media began to criticize her dress. As soon as her brother-in-law Meghan Markle’s fashion got its own spotlight. Brown said the 40-year-old Duchess of Cambridge, who married Prince William in 2011, hinted that the epic costumes were “deliciously cheap” and “solidarity with working women,” but outlets, including The Sun, abruptly said she was “extraordinarily drab.” Gone, it was hard for him not to feel “upset”.

“Tell me any woman who wouldn’t be disappointed when she opened a newspaper – even The Sun – to read a headline like ‘Kate Middleton Has Gone From Fab to Drab in the Royal Style Stacks.’ , “Brown wrote in a section of his book.

“Kate worked long and hard for her status as a style icon, despite the obstacles imposed by the Palace Kiljoyce,” Brown wrote. “She climbed alongside the millennial rejection of elite Haute Couture and spent the best part of a decade wearing a tasteful cheap dress, submitting her personal opinion and signaling solidarity with working women. It took five years after her marriage to pose for an unusually quiet cover of British consumption, wearing the conservative brown suede barberry coat and large vintage hat seen in the crowd at the Cheltenham Horse Show. He was literally and figuratively wearing pantyhose, with games for the press and smiling unabashedly. “

Brown then compared Kate’s carefully crafted fashion to Meghan, who comes from a background of all sorts of clothing styles, including an sexy and calm look as an actress. He specifically mentioned his 2017 Vanity Fair cover shoot, when he was soon spotted for his personal relationship with the Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, just two months before they announced their engagement.

“The inside pages of Megan’s Vanity Fair cover story show her barefoot in a Carolina Herrera booster gown on a strapless tulle, not just pantyhose,” Brown wrote. “It was the same story for the engagement shot of the day.”

[From Hollywood Life]

I actually remember shortly after Megan moved to the UK, Carroll was pictured running to Kensington Palace for a big planning session with Kate. I believe it was much more than just the style. As for Kate’s pre-Meghan style Tina Brown’s summary নয় not so much. I mean, Kate wore a lot of high street stuff, but she also wore a lot of ridiculous McQueen coatdresses and Victorian-style Catherine Walker stuff, most of which were “ordinary” at exorbitant prices. Even Kate’s High Street things were pretty bad – they were Button Years, Doyle Years, The Marilyn Moment Years, The Dressing Like Her Mother Years. And so after all this careful planning, Kate decided to just continue to F-King cosplay Meghan.

Image courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar and Backgrid.

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