Bad character “Gossip with Celebici ‘Podcast # 122: Here are the photo pics of the Kaiser.

Introduction: Minutes 0 to 7:00
I went skydiving! I got through it by focusing on what I was supposed to do. I was inspired to go through this covered interview with Viola Davis. Here is a link A tweet with some pictures. I’m observing The Last Kingdom And Yellowstone And saw a movie called The Moon Shiva baby. You can hear it below!

Royals: 7:00 to 29:00 minutes
This past week we did the Invictus Games in The Hague. Earlier, Prince Harry and Meghan went to Windsor Castle to meet the Queen and we didn’t hear about it until then. Before the game we heard that they need a win with Invictus and they are getting VIP security in the Netherlands. Chandra says the UK is trying to poison the press games. This was in contrast to the beautiful pictures and videos we saw of Invictus. The fact that they met the Queen before anyone knew it meant the Royal Rotar had no idea what they were doing! This may be because William and Kate were on a ski vacation in France with Kate’s family. That’s what reporter Omid Scooby said. Charles was also leaking to the press and apparently playing catch-up. We heard that Sussex had to meet Charles for fifteen minutes before seeing the Queen. Charles is presumably open to being allowed to be part of their part-time royal family.

Meghan and Harry were adorable in the games, they are just very attached to each other and in love and it shows. They constantly touch, they refer to each other with love and the way they look at each other just deserves to be unconscious. Megan was in the first few days of the game and was there for the diplomatic event. We also liked Meghan’s dress, which was contemporary and classic at the same time. She has such a clean, unique style. Here are links to her Valentino suit, her Brandon Maxwell jacket and jeans, her criss-cross bodysuit and her Celine jacket and jeans. Here is a link Tanisha’s cheating thread on Twitter With cheap alternatives to Megan’s look.

On Easter Sunday, the world was mesmerized with Harry and Meghan, we saw members of the royal family at the Easter service. They just looked more stuffy and old. William and Kate and Wessex were there with Peter Phillips. (Note that we used to call him Mark, his name is Peter. Here is a link to his long distance loot call story.)

Then Harry started giving interviews and it was glorious! He did a full interview with people for a cover story, he spoke to some young journalists, and he gave an interview with Hoda Cotb on The Today show. The British press panicked about it ahead of time. I play a segment from that interview.

There has been a lot of speculation and speculation as to whether Harry and Megan will go to the Jubilee in early June, whether they will be on the porch when they go, whether it will be rude or not, or whether they will focus. . We heard that Queen Harry was asked to come, but in her interview with Today she said that she was not sure about it. Chandra doesn’t think she will go.

In that interview, Harry said he wanted to make sure his grandmother had “the right people around her.” So much was made by the royal rota. The fact that the Queen got Kovid means that Harry was right to be concerned. Charles Harry is said to be crazy for the interview. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about royals.

Chandra thinks the meeting between Harry and Charles was unrealistic, especially since Harry didn’t mention it to Hoda. He thinks that Eugene, the Queen and Harry arranged the meeting with the Queen and that no one knew about it before.

A royal commentator named Eamonn Holmes secretly asks Harry and Meghan to meet the Queen. There’s also a clip of him saying “Why don’t you throw them on the porch?” This is a direct threat to Harry and Megan. I play a segment from Zoom where we appreciate the selection and writing of pictures of the moon. He prides himself on his choice of pictures and has his favorite bad pictures of people especially royalty. Here’s a link to join our mailing list! Chandra was never a fan of frogs, but she didn’t think of buttons or wigs until Duchess Kate’s fashion and hair were covered.

Comment of the week: 29:00 to 33:30 minutes
Lolita Weekly Moon comments on the post about the Queen being transferred to Sandringham.

My comments from the CC in a post about the fight between Trump and Pierce Morgan this week.

Thanks for listening bitches!

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