Bad character Jan Meyer: Duchess Megan’s podcast is all about reconciliation

Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir is racist and horrific. Most recently, Moir called the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their God-fearing Caribbean flop tour, so … a broken clock is exactly twice a day. Moir must have received a memo from Kensington Palace stating that he had to return to hit Sussex, and Moir was happy to be compelled. He has written a long essay about Meghan Archetypes Podcast: You know, which has not been published yet. Which no one has heard yet. Peacock ready to attack! Some highlights:

For God’s Love: Known as Archetypes, the series will launch soon, Megan promised to use the way women are portrayed in the media and ‘labels that try to hold them back’. Ah oh. I think I can see where it is going. And I get the feeling that those ‘holding’ labels are not behind the most-regulated spanx bodysuit. What’s terribly wrong and bad for me is to imagine a series of horrible, heartfelt chats where the underlying theme is the Duchess of Martyr herself, and the horrible, horrible life she has lived since she resigned as an employee after joining the British royal family. A member of the British royal family and trying to make a good fortune out of his relationship with the British royal family?

I’m sorry ??? Would a better and more accurate title for a podcast series be ‘The One Where I Get Even With Every Bad Beach Who Ever Beached About Me’?

Legacy Building: As is often the case in Sussex, does anyone tear up praising them for a great part of pure altruism that will benefit the whole world, or thinking that what they are doing is just a cold eye, legacy-building, myth-controlling public relations? Meghan promises that the archetypes will feature ‘uncensored conversations’ with historians, experts and women who ‘know very well’ that classified narratives can influence and change. Of course, he doesn’t mean archetypes: he means stereotypes. But it would also mean that she would have to call her son a stereo, and push everything to trademark the ‘arc’, she probably thought. I’m tired.

Again, Moyer has no idea what the podcast will be: What does that actually mean? We have to be furious again at the way Goldie Hann was portrayed as a dizzy blonde in Private Benjamin, when Pamela Anderson had a 1990s tabloid fixation with her breasts, you know? Or is it going to be much more specific? Smart Money is next – and especially the deep-dive Sussex specific.

Moir has never heard of a stereotype about black women, ever! Of course, Sussex confidant and biographer Omid Scooby has written and spoken in the past about Meghan’s reputation as a ‘Duchess tough character’ and how such ‘clichডd stereotypes are quite dangerous, especially when we are talking about successful women of color. It is said to be very difficult, very demanding, very ambitious’. This is problematic ground. While the Duchess does not want to downplay what she sees as her living experience, the notion of ‘being tough’ as a racial stereotype is new to me.

What? However, archetypes, stereotypes, media types – whatever you call it, it’s all going to be great. I look forward to seeing which typecast woman the Duchess of Martyr would consider worthy of the test, while wondering if Evil would cut the half-sister, Grandma Manipot, and the son-in-law of the jealous sister. After all, I’m looking forward to the episode where Meghan will have a censored conversation with herself about stereotyped women and her own role in stabilizing many of them.

[From The Daily Mail]

In the middle of the piece, Moyer details Meghan’s various roles when she was an actress, trying to sound like a series of party girls and strippers like Megan, so what does she really know about the social roles that women play? By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Moir’s original thesis is also muddy – what is he even trying to complain about first? It’s so scattered. I smiled “The idea of ​​’being tough’ as ​​a racial stereotype is new to me.” Moir was one of a dozen royal columnists and journalists who pushed the “tough Black Duchess” narrative with absolutely nothing to support. And in the same column, Moir refers to Meghan as the “Duchess of Martyrs”! And the “bad bitch” sh-t … oh honey, it’s a mess. Never write your columns based on emails from Kensington Palace.

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