Bad character Ken Wharf: Prince Harry will be safer in the UK than in the Netherlands

The judicial review of Prince Harry’s High Court continues, although part of the case has now been closed to the public and the media because it involves confidential information and high-level security information. I also believe that the lawsuit will (hopefully) reveal that in 2020 the royal family decided to take security from Harry, Megan and Archie. Ravec, the secret committee that determines who will receive royal protection, decides to keep Harry’s security on the basis of rank rather than threat, a fact that must be carried out. Original Security experts are crazy. Harry and Megan are in real danger and need a really high level of security. They are paying for that security in America themselves, not only will their American security be allowed to carry guns in the UK, Harry’s return will not actually be a threat briefing from their personal security MI5 and Scotland Yard.

Basically, Harry wants a High Court review because he wants to know who misled him and why he was not allowed to pay the British police for his much-needed security in the UK. Also noteworthy: The Daily Mail constantly misrepresents Harry’s security war, so much so that Harry is suing them. Now that the Mail has spoken to Ken Warf – who was Diana’s RPO in the 1990s – about Harry’s fight and you don’t know, Warf misrepresents everything.

Prince Harry would have been safer to come to Britain for his grandfather’s memorial service than to go to Holland for the Invictus Games in a fortnight, the senior police officer who protected him and his mother told MailOnline today. The Duke of Sussex decided to cross the Atlantic for The Hague ten days ago after refusing to stay with his British family at Westminster Abbey. After being delayed by the epidemic, the next stage of the Invictus Games, an international sports competition for injured or sick military personnel and the elderly around the world, will be held from 16 to 22 April.

Former Met Inspector Ken Wharf, who was a security guard for Princess Diana, William and Harry, said Invictus’s links to military and ex-soldiers – a common target for terrorists, including ISIS extremists – meant a potential threat to them and Harry was reasonably high there. March 29 Thanking Prince Philip for staying in London. The Dutch police and security services declined to say whether he would receive royal protection in the Netherlands, although this is likely because one of the participants in the ceremony was the Dutch Ministry of Defense. , Which is responsible for the country’s security and terrorism.

Ken Wharf told MailOnline: ‘I wonder why Harry thinks he’s safer in the Netherlands than in the UK. He used to travel with his brother or father to his grandfather’s memorial and get protection from the mat. It’s not like he was riding a bike to Westminster Abbey. Dutch police will assess their own security and contact Harry’s personal security. But I think it’s more risky to go to Holland to support a charity with military ties than to come to London last week. “

MailOnline has asked Prince Harry’s spokesman about his security arrangements for Invictus. Dutch and MoD and the Royal Department of Defense declined to comment. A spokesman said: “We are taking action based on the level of security threat.”

Mr Wharfe said “no one is stopping Harry from bringing his own security to the UK”, although they would not be able to carry a gun. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. “Harry wants everything to be the same before he goes to America,” he said. The veteran royal security officer added: “When he is with the royal family, he will be protected by armed officers, but not if he wants to go to the pub with his companions in the evening.”

[From The Daily Mail]

It all says: “We take action based on the level of security threat.” For example, the Netherlands does not care about Harry’s royal status or his position in the legacy, or whether his brother is a racist Jagf. Harry’s safety in the Netherlands is based on the level of threat and nothing more. I can’t believe why they’re paying Warf for this bullshit. He further added that he believed that the Mets and the government would “meet with him halfway through” and provide a liaison officer to speak at any risk … “ Will not be met. That Why Harry is seeking a review of the High Court. “He used to travel with his brother or father to his grandfather’s memorial and get protection from the mat.” Ah yes, they claimed that Harry had to travel 12 hours to the UK to attend the 40-minute commemorative service, only to have him tied up with his brother to ensure his safety. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Photo courtesy of Invictus Games.

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