Bad character Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmed for the Supreme Court by 53-47 Senate

Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed by the Senate yesterday. Justice Brown Jackson will be the first black woman in the United States Supreme Court! She will be only the sixth woman in the court. President Biden promised during his campaign that he would nominate a black woman if he had the opportunity to nominate someone to the Supreme Court. He promised and he delivered! And Justice Brown Jackson is arguably the most qualified SCOTUS candidate in decades. She is a wonderful woman and now she is going to the Supreme Court !!

The Senate on Thursday upheld Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson in the Supreme Court, praising his supporters as the first black woman to be promoted to the top of the judiciary as a necessary step towards bringing new diversity and life experiences to court.

Going beyond a concerted effort by conservative Republicans to derail his nomination, Judge Jackson was confirmed by a 53- to 47-vote, with three Republicans joining all 50 members of the Democratic Caucus in his support. The vote was to reject Republicans’ attempts to portray him as a liberal extremist who has embraced criminals. Dismissing the images as distorted and offensive, Judge Jackson’s supporters saw the confirmation as an exciting occasion, where a group representative often pushed into the background and moved forward.

“Even in the dark, there are bright lights,” said New York Senator Chuck Schumer, the majority leader, on the Senate floor. “One of the brightest lights today. Let’s hope it’s a metaphor, a hint of a lot of bright light coming. “

He added, “How many millions of children of the previous generation could benefit from such an ideal?” In the Capitol, the galleries witnessing the historic vote, closed for most of the epidemic, were packed with supporters. After the vote was announced, the senators, staff and spectators all stood for a long time and jumped for the reception, the chamber bursting with joy.

[From The NY Times]

Justice Brayer will retire at the end of the current spring / summer session, which means Justice Brown Jackson will be in court earlier this autumn. Vice President Kamala Harris – the first black female VP – presided over the Senate vote in her role as President of the Senate. After VP Harris announced the confirmation, Democrats stood up and applauded … as most Republican senators, including Mitch McConnell, walked out of the chamber. For the price, Mitt Romney was one of the few Republicans who applauded Brown Jackson from behind (he also voted for him).

Justice Brown Jackson watched the vote from the White House with President Biden. When he was sure, they hugged and took selfies. Adorable.

Photo courtesy of Instar.

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