Bad character Lizo: The body was labeled ‘positive’ because of the way I was

Lizzo has launched a new line of shapewear called Yitty. It’s by Fabletics, though, so I don’t know if it’s the same subscription issue. The name comes from a nickname given to him by his late aunt and sizes from 6x – xs. It is one of the few plus-sizes to wear in the market. He has spent five years developing it and it comes in a variety of pieces and gorgeous colors. Of course, because Lizo is a traitor to her brand, people can’t do much without attacking her. Or at least the brand they assigned him. So when Lizo, who was outspoken about embracing himself, introduced shapewear, there were people who called him a hypocrite in order to get him back to his physical-positive image. Lijo responded by pointing out that shapewear does not disable the positivity of the body. But when he was talking to SiriusXM It’s hot, Lizo says that people gave her the role of messenger of physical positivity but she never asked to be one. It was imposed on him by others because he loved himself and was of a certain size.

Lizo talks about her role in the physio-positive movement, sharing that she never claimed to be an advocate for plus-size women.
“It was imposed on me because the way I look like everyone else, you get people who predict you based on your appearance. And I put myself there, I put myself on one foot, I stretched myself. And I think. That it was immediately seen as political, “he told SiriusXM’s The Hit.

“So I threw all these terms at me and, you know, imposed on me, the physical-positive worker, the self-love, the guru, all of this. And I didn’t ask for them. “

The singer and songwriter has opened up about his thoughts on body positivity in the past, saying it has been “commercialized” by people for whom the movement was not created. He also promoted the idea of ​​being “body ideal” in an effort to “normalize” his body and bring it out of the center of attention.

“I don’t want to talk about it anymore,” he told Essence Magazine, referring to conversations about his body.

In his recent interview, however, he made it clear that the terms he was described by were not something he was ashamed of. In fact, he learned to take them.

“I definitely embraced them because they are good things. Like this, why don’t I want the body to be positive? I don’t want the body to be negative. Why don’t I want to be a master of self-love? I don’t want to be a self-hating guru, ”he said. “So, fortunately, these are just signs that I’m on the right track and doing the right thing and I’m a good person. And I resonate with it and I embrace it perfectly. “

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I went back to my own coverage and to the right of Lizo, I labeled her body positivity more than hers. She loves herself and this is the consistent thread in her interview. It goes without saying that he sometimes did not accept the positivity of the body. But as he said, who doesn’t want to be body-positive? So maybe Lizzo simply spoke with a bigger message when he felt that if he didn’t do it, it would look like an attack on him.

For that matter, Lizo wants it to be part of the way women feel about themselves This means wearing shapewear only if it makes them feel good. He wrote a complete love letter to his fans about it, telling them to get rid of it if it became uncomfortable. I understand from what he is saying, if someone feels better about themselves in shapewear, it would be better to have a high-quality alternative, keeping in mind their shape. But I do understand that any shapewear is seen as a sanction of skinny culture.

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