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From CB: Hecate found all our products today! She has Mother’s Day in mind but many of these products will be great gifts for you. I wanted to mention this wonderful live-in conditioner that stimulates hair growth. Marc Anthony Grow Long Conditioner & Detangler has 4.5 stars, over 27,000 ratings and a B on Fakespot. I bought it three times and it was time for another bottle. It’s so affordable below 8 8 for an 8.4 ounce. It smells great without being too strong, it really does tangle out and many reviewers say it helps their hair grow thicker and longer. Here are some more products for Mother’s Day!

Sheet mask for effortless skin care

From Hackett: I proposed these a long time ago and I like them. These are simple sheet masks that will make mom feel fresh. These five mask combos cost 10 and include a mask for hydration, cool, bright, soft and detox. They have 4.7 stars which ReviewMeta has confirmed from over 1,500 reviews. They work on all skin types, “I have tried two masks so far and at first I was hesitant that I have acne prone and ridiculously sensitive skin. I must say I loved both, the charcoal helped me fight a breakout and a glow made me look much more hydrated and fresh. “

A skincare travel kit she would like to use every day

From Hecate: elf is a trusted brand and the size of this trip is a great way to check if mom likes first line. You can get a 30ml cleanser, a 6g balm, a 25ml moisturizer, a 7g eye cream and a 15g night cream for just $ 15. Plus sizes are all TSA approved so if mom is getting ready for a trip, it would be a great addition to her dopp kit. The Elf Hydration Combo has more than 4,000 reviews, including 4.5 stars and a B on Fakespot. Customers say that even the size of the trip lasts a while, so mom shouldn’t feel small, “These products kept me going for a long time. It makes your face brighter. “And they work,” I noticed since I was using all these products my face is soft and has a pink tinge. “

A cute and comfortable sweatshirt

From Hackett: Any mom can use a nice knock near sweatshirt for weekends or ordinary days. I thought this basic pullover with mom mode was my favorite. It is also light weight so it is suitable for this time of year. It comes in seven colors, with two font styles of xs-xxl size. And it’s only 25. This is a great little Mother’s Day gift! “I am super happy with this purchase. I didn’t expect it to look so good, but it does! More than 5,000 reviewers rated it 4.4 stars, which is confirmed by ReviewMeta.

A pair of stylish sunglasses

From Hackett: The 90s are back, baby! So make sure mom is ready with her glasses. These super-chic slim sunglasses will turn all heads towards her. There are plenty of combos to choose from – whether you want to add one, two or three pairs of different frame colors starting from 13- $ 19. Any mom can look gorgeous at that price. And they do because they have over 15,000 reviews and 4.6 stars which ReviewMeta has confirmed. People said they bought a great one, “It’s very popular now. Great value for your money… I love them and they look so cute. “And they work for any face,” I think I have bigger or wider faces than my head and average wails and they don’t look awkward or small in your face. “

Cap for pet mom

From Hackett: Not all mothers are human children. We have this beautiful cat and dog cap for that mom. There is a hug on the back, not velcro, so the mother’s hair will not tear as many times as she takes it off. They have more than 250 reviews and 4.8 stars with Fexpot B Both come in different colors and fonts so you can match their personality with their headwear. I like them because of their simplicity. I want to wear all versions. And customers agree, “It’s beautiful! Stitches well and looks great! Fits well, and is compatible! If you want that personal touch, chew Fido or Fifi to the brim before wrapping it.

A combination of mousepad and wireless phone charger gives a practical gift

From Hackett: It’s a great idea – a wireless charger built into the mousepad. Either way I keep my phone on my desk, it can also keep a charge. Ironically, the pad won’t charge the mom’s apple mouse, but why split the hair? It’s a nice smooth mouse pad with good grip. The standard size is $ 25 but currently there is a coupon for a $ 7 discount There is a version with a larger size and a stylus The pad has about 200 reviews, including a 4.3 star and a B on Fakespot. It would be great for mom’s office, “the design is chic, and the cover is made of leather, which is a plus, giving the whole product a more luxurious feel.” FYI – This is PU leather, not real leather.

A test tube flower holder and promotion center

From Hackett: Well, it’s actually a promotion center, not a flower holder. But it can be both, can’t it? Comes with six glass tubes, if you break one. If you have a mother who makes her own seedlings, this is perfect. If you have a mom who wants a new way to grow her flowers, this would be perfect. This would also be perfect if you have a mom who has live herbs in the kitchen. The high-quality tubes come in a stylish wooden frame that looks good in any room. With nearly 300 reviews and a 4.7 star from a Fakespot, you can’t go wrong. Customers agree, “I like this promotional station! It’s tough and good quality, but light. It looks great and has been the best small shopping.”

A good book she would love

From Hackett: I finished Luis Erdrich’s sentence in February and I’m still thinking about it. He is a Pulitzer Prize winner but this is the first book I’ve read of him. The blurb that compelled me to buy it read, “A small independent bookstore in Minneapolis is haunted by the store’s most annoying customers from November 2019 to November 2020.” The story is much bigger than that, it’s amazing. It costs $ 21 for hardcover or you can pre-order the paperback for $ 19. Among Amazon reviews, it’s a good description, “I haven’t read any contemporary literature about Native North Americans – it’s a great find, and I’ve ordered other books by the same author – beautiful prose, but mainly, you really want to meet the great characters.” Although probably scary in a haunted bookstore) – The next time I go to Minneapolis, I’ll be haunted by this book. “

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