Bad character Olivia Wilde was given custody papers while on stage at CinemaCon

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I’m obsessed with this story, just FYI !!! So, Jason Sudekis and Olivia Wilde never got married, and as such, I think after their separation in 2020, their custody system for their two children was quite loose. We know that both Jason and Olivia have gone out of their way at different times to temporarily relocate, just so kids of both accesses will have access. However, it seems that Jason wants to formalize some custody issues through the courts. So he has apparently served Olivia with some custody documents. The problem? Olivia served with the documentary while on stage at the cinema, making a presentation for her second directing effort, Don’t worry darling.

Like some of the hackneyed Hollywood plots, the mysterious envelope that Dont Warry darling director and star Olivia Wilde picked up for the New Line movie last night during her cinematic presentation was a legal document from Ted Lasso star Jason Sudekis. It is understandable that the Manila envelope was marked “Personal and Confidential”, which was placed on the stage, custody papers from the Emmy winner.

During the Warner Bros. Cinemacon session at The Colosseum of Caesar’s Palace, Wilde was briefly interrupted when an unidentified man came forward from the front row and slided a Manila envelope towards him in front of the stage. “Is that for me?” Wilde asked.

He rescued the envelope and opened it. However, as a professional, Wilde must not have been shocked. As his personal life suddenly appeared in public, the filmmaker continued to address audiences made up of mostly exhibitors about his project. After the trailer for Don’t Wear Darling, it was met with great applause.

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Which basically means that a process server went out of its way to go to the cinema, Olivia sat in the front row for the presentation and then Manila chose to slide the envelope to Olivia while she was in the middle of her presentation! It’s a terrible king. But did Jason know it would go down that way? Despite reports of contradictions, it is usually lawyers, not clients, who choose which process server to use and where to serve someone. For example, Jason’s people say they didn’t know Olivia would be on stage:

Jason Sudekis “had no prior knowledge” that his ex-fianc, Olivia Wilde, would be served with child custody documents during her appearance at the cinema, a source told Variety.

“Papers were created to establish the jurisdiction of the children of Mrs. Wilde and Mr. Sudekis,” the source said. “Mr. Sudekis had no prior knowledge of the time or place that the envelope would be delivered because it would rely solely on the process service company involved and he would never forgive her for serving it so inappropriately.”

On Tuesday, while Wilde was presenting a trailer for his new film “Don’t Wear Darling” at a movie screening, someone in front of the stage saw a mysterious Manila envelope labeled “Private and Confidential”. At first, viewers believed the envelope was a script from someone trying to get the “Booksmart” director’s attention – but the deadline reported Wednesday afternoon that the envelope contained custody documents from Sudekis.

Variety spoke to several eyewitnesses who said that the person who served the envelope to Wilde was proved by Cinemacon. Wild’s representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In response to the incident, CinemaCon said in a statement that it would “re-evaluate” their security protocol. “To protect the integrity and talent of our studio partners, we will re-evaluate our security protocols,” Mitch Newhauser, NATO’s managing director and head of Cinemacon, told Variety. “It simply came to our notice then. We want to do the right thing, safe and sound. “

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I mean … isn’t being served by a licensed process server a security threat? While this is embarrassing for Olivia, it is not “harassment” or “threat”. That being said, it’s worrying that the server did it to him while he was on stage. People are also wondering if the process server has gone to this length (getting credentials, sitting in the front row, serving its mid-presentation) because Olivia was able to avoid serving the previous time. Also: In most states, people with any type of background can be a process server. Aren’t there police and legal assistants who canopy as a server? This may be how the server was proven in CinemaCon.

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