Bad character Prince Charles and William think they can block Andrew from the Jubilee event

Surprisingly Prince Andrew had a lot of comments about hijacking his father’s memory service. Prince Charles and William were stunned when Andrew took Queen Elizabeth II to Westminster Abbey because it was not planned at all. Andrew is said to be a bit hateful and rude about everything, especially since he still has his mother’s ears and he’s clearly 100% behind her, signing up for what she does and what she wants. Now the talk is that Andrew wants to attend some Platinum Jubilee event and all for his mom. Becky English said in that mail + chat, “What I’ve heard for a long time is that Andrew sees him every day, he has ears, he has a lot of gossip that goes to those ears and he keeps getting his own way.” The queen can stop him if she wants to, but she doesn’t. So now the royal commentators are trying to pretend to stop Charles and William Andrew:

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams has now suggested that ‘there’s no way’ William and Charles will take part in Andrew’s jubilee celebrations. He told the Mirror: ‘In view of the royal ceremony, I do not expect to see Prince Andrew in the near future – if ever again. She won’t play any role in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, I think we can be sure. Prince Charles and William will be completely opposed, it is a non-starter.

A family source said senior members of the royal family – including Prince Charles and the Duke of Cambridge – were “disappointed” by the incident and that Andrew’s decision to place himself “at the front and center” of the service was “terrifying”. However, experts also suggest that walking with Andrew was a way for the Queen to indicate ‘OK’ and that the Maharaja ‘has made it very clear that he has a role to play in family affairs’.

Katie Nicole, the royal editor of Vanity Fair, said the queen “deliberately chose Andrew to play such a prominent role” to show the public that “she still decides”.

‘These two things were the queen’s way of showing; One, the deer stops with him and he decides and secondly he believes he is innocent. He made the point very, very clearly. But Charles and William were very aware of the point of view. Unfortunately, this picture [of Prince Andrew escorting the Queen] It has surpassed what should have been a monument to a great man. ‘

[From The Daily Mail]

There seems to be a problem with the royal commentators saying this directly, so I’ll do it: William and Charles can’t do that as long as the Queen lives. Charles may scream, William may try to intimidate his grandmother, but in the end the lease is going to be leased, and that means he will ride or die for his degenerate son. Every time she reveals her intimacy with Andrew, she weakens both William and Charles and it seems she doesn’t value their input, or she won’t take their advice. The way he is attacking his heirs and organization … shit! It is almost like Liz and Charles fighting who can bring an end to the monarchy first.

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