Bad character Prince Charles is concerned that Netflix has done him a disservice

I was just thinking the other day in September / October, we would be kneeling in royal wailing and glowing pain because of The Crown Season 5. The Royal Machine will do the same thing they did for Season 4, meaning Prince Charles will blanket the most friendly and most psychophanic reporters to write a sad-e-Charles piece about how The Crown is a complete fiction! And then Prince William will cry about how Prince Harry has a Netflix deal, which obviously means Harry personally approves of everything on Netflix. Look, we’ve got a preview! Dan Uton’s new column is about how Harry is conspiring with Netflix to bring down the monarchy. It’s not really about the Crown. It’s also about Netflix’s documentary Jimmy Saville: A British Horror StoryWhich details decades of friendship between Seville (a serial hunter) and Prince Charles.

Bad times: Time cannot be bad for Prince Charles and people close to the future king know it. In a series of international titles detrimental to the royal family following Prince William and Kate’s Caribbean tour and Prince Andrew’s unexpected return to the spotlight, the heir to the throne has brought the world into close friendship with one-time brutal pedophile Jimmy Savile. , Thanks for a major new series from Netflix. An excited friend of the Prince of Wales asked a simple question during a downbeat call this week: ‘Why now? It has been known for years. It’s easy to imagine that it’s time to dump her and move on. “

Charles thinks the Crown has done real damage to his image as well: Although they have publicly rejected the offer, there are deep concerns that portraying their boss in the royal drama The Crown as arrogant, shameless and weak – which is a huge hit internationally – has done a lasting damage to his reputation, especially among the younger generation who did not. Live through the so-called Welsh War in real time. The royal crew is preparing for the upcoming next series to be still the worst, as Princess Diana’s death is shown on the screen.

Netflix can’t be intimidated by the royal family, oh no: “But the harmful Savile documentary – just aired around the British presenter’s friendship with the humiliated BBC presenter Charles – has been discussed on the heels of the hateful Diana: The Musical, in a sense that Netflix is ​​increasingly provocative about it.” British royal family.

Revenge of Sussex? And then there’s the elephant in the house or, more precisely, a 14 14 million mansion in Montecito, California. All of these harmful Netflix shows have been scheduled since Prince Harry and Megan joined the streaming service staff in a mega-money deal (rumored to be worth $ 100 million). Although couples regularly practice various aspects of what is considered unfair media coverage, Sussex remains skeptical about how Netflix has treated its own relatives. This has led to behind-the-scenes resentment in various royal palaces, as Harry’s relationship with his family continues to deteriorate.

Royal source miserable:
A royal source expressed outrage: ‘Of course, there is a feeling that the civil documentary is unfortunate and very unfair to the Prince of Wales, who was taken by everyone in authority, including the then Prime Minister. But Netflix is ​​a broadcaster that now hires her son, and Sussex doesn’t seem to have a word on the matter. That sounds like another betrayal. “

How dare Sussex !! But the awkward questions for Harry and Megan didn’t go away. How can they claim to be the base of truth in the media when they are happy with a few million bucks from a company that takes the misleading pleasure of regularly misrepresenting their family to protect the audience? They were so public about their concerns about misinformation and Spotify, have they had similar discussions with Netflix about misinformation about the British royal family? Are they planning to do a show for Netflix by refusing to give up royal titles? Perhaps Harry was happy to see his father’s reputation shattered, as he tried his best to start a reaction against Charles during his perfectly confusing interview with his friend Oprah Winfrey.

[From The Daily Mail]

I’ve said it before, but if the monarchy can be brought down through Netflix’s 20 hours of prestige programming, maybe the monarchy has a bigger problem? The thing about Crown is that people fully understand that it is a drama and some events are compressed or imaginary. Charles – and the problem for the whole Windsor group – gets the Crown wide strokes right, and Peter Morgan cares enough about historical accuracy not to expose himself to lawsuits or any serious threats. Charles’ basic complaint is “well, it makes me look bad” not “it’s completely wrong.” It’s exactly the same with the Savile documentary – do you think the filmmakers didn’t make sure all their ducks were in a row? Do you think that they just left and made wild claims about Charles without any evidence?

Still, I have to think about how charismatic Charles is and how bad the judge of that character is to remind everyone that Wootton is bringing Charles’ beef with Netflix. Wootton, I believe, firmly Tim Baldemort. Wootton managed to make this sound like Charles-vs-Harry. Which suits William perfectly.

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